Interview Room Recording System Failures—and How to Avoid Them

Our criminal justice system requires accurate evidence to determine the outcome of a case. And oftentimes, it’s the recorded interview and interrogation evidence that matters the most. Public safety agencies need a reliable interview room recording system. Unfortunately, many teams are struggling to secure the evidence they need. But with the right solution, they can […]

5 Tips for Setting Up Interview Room Recording Equipment

While every facility is unique, there are certain best practices that every agency should follow when setting up their interview room recording equipment. Even minor details can be the deciding factor between evidence that’s court-admissible and a recording that is incomplete. Not only that, we need to consider the general workflow of how the audio […]

Police Interview Room Recording Systems: Do Agencies Need the Cloud?

As the private sector continues to evolve with new advancements in technology, law enforcement agencies need to follow suit. Certain methods may have worked fine for previous generations. But we need to take a closer look at our police interview room recording systems and evidence management. The process of recording and storing interview evidence can’t […]

iRecord Custom Solutions for Interview Room Recording Systems

While public safety protocols and many interview evidence process policies follow the same standards from state to state, there’s no denying the fact that no two agencies are exactly alike. Be sure to keep this in mind when adopting your new interview room recording systems. Your investment deserves a custom solution, and that requires working […]

Time for Mobile Police Interview Recording Equipment?

We live in a fast-paced world both personally and professionally. It’s easier than ever to keep in touch and communicate throughout the day. But that also means that people expect more—especially from public safety. In order to keep up with the influx of information and continue acting fast, police agencies need the right technology. Fortunately, […]

Evidence Vault Tracking System: Why to Go Digital with DEMS

The devastation of losing casework evidence can hardly be expressed. There’s so much on the line for criminal investigations, and even misdemeanors, so it’s critical for agencies to have a secure and streamlined process for storing their digital evidence. Fortunately, today’s evidence vault technology with digital evidence management solutions (DEMS) are better than ever. And […]

Police Software Options for Digital Evidence Storage

Industry-specific technology gives teams some of the most powerful tools to improve their process. But with the rapid rate of how technology advances, some of these systems that have been reliable in the past are quickly proving to be outdated. The options for police software and digital evidence management solutions today are truly better than […]

Digital Evidence Management Faces Risks without the Cloud

Law enforcement as a whole made the switch to digital evidence years and decades ago. But many agencies aren’t managing these systems efficiently, or even to their full advantage. Teams that solely rely on server storage on-premise for digital evidence face a handful of problems. Today’s digital security trends and progress are centered around the […]