iRecord Multiverse

Capture more than before with iRecord’s latest server platform.

The Scalable, Cost-Effective Solution for Recording Interview Evidence

iRecord Multiverse builds on the flagship iRecord Universe solution by giving public safety agencies even more options for outfitting their interview recording rooms. This server-based audio video capture system is the perfect match for larger facilities—supporting up to nine interview rooms and 18 on-demand IP cameras recording in HD resolution.

All of the same user-friendly features and video redaction software tools that agencies love about iRecord are included with Multiverse. There’s no learning curve. iRecord solutions are specifically designed for law enforcement professionals and child advocacy centers, and have been found to be compatible with a variety of other recording applications too.

By upgrading to Enterprise-Class IT, agencies operating with Multiverse can also utilize the iRecord Cloud to collect, manage, store, and securely share their critical digital evidence files.

Let the secure Multiverse platform streamline your workload and protect the agency’s budget. Now you can save time and manage your caseloads from anywhere.

What Makes Multiverse Different?

Download the iRecord Multiverse Overview for additional tech specs.

Stay Compliant with Redundant Storage and Multiple Backup Options

As a secure cloud-service provider, iRecord reinforces your digital security efforts and can effectively reduce the risk of losing an interview down to zero and ensure that all of your evidence remains intact and secure. Our enhanced, tamper-resistant storage solutions allow agencies to move away from their internal IT infrastructure and into a reliable, robust, and diversified storage network. What’s more, Multiverse gives you access to all of the leading digital evidence management (DEMS) technology from iRecord’s strategic industry partnerships. Our integrated solutions for data mining, artificial intelligence, facial recognition and new analytics can quickly create court-requested redactions to help agencies remain transparent and improve efficiency. The power of Multiverse is making it easier than ever for agencies to analyze their data and get to the truth. With the right tools, you can reduce what used to take hours, down to seconds. Discover all of the Multiverse benefits. Check out the Multiverse Overview to learn more about our server-grade solution.

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