Critiques are imperative to build medical students’ foundational skills, and to keep physicians at peak performances. 

Recording equipment in the healthcare setting helps teams Equip, Educate, and Critique

Critiques are imperative to build medical students’ foundational skills, and to keep physicians at peak performance. Digital video improves this process exponentially. iRecord’s solutions can assist with observations of nursing students and medical residents. It’s uniquely well-suited for recording simulation labs or operation room training while also providing detailed records of physical therapy and rehabilitation sessions.

Video footage generates a cycle of continuous improvement. It’s an unprecedented platform for medical professionals to troubleshoot and self-critique, and each viewing of the footage yields new insights. iRecord’s small, portable IP cameras prevent observations from becoming a distraction. Use them on the go during field experiences, or network them into a powerful system for daily use in academic settings. You can even record on a tablet or mobile device. All footage is pushed to our secure vault storage for easy access, anywhere.

iRecord continues to expand healthcare applications for our video recording technology. Let us turn your problems into solutions!

iRecord Advantage

One Touch Interview Recording

Eliminate costly and time consuming video training with iRecords one touch recording. If you can operate a light switch you can record an interview with Record. (Click Here For 10 Second Training Video)

Evidence Vault Video Capture

The iRecord Evidence Vault is one of the very first interview management tracking applications for Child Advocacy Centers (CACs). Our software is ideal for agencies that track interviews from the point of recording until it is ordered to be destroyed.

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Healthcare Recording Suite


For over 16 years, iRecord has assisted medical professionals in creating audio and video records throughout every level of healthcare. iRecord’s Healthcare Recording Equipment has proven beneficial to medical professionals and patients alike. Video recording can be an asset when it comes to gaining credibility, recalling important care instructions, and reviewing procedures.

Choosing a Healthcare Provider

If you’re a medical professional looking to take on new patients, or maybe you’re a specialty physician and you want to prove your expertise to prospective clients, creating videos for your website or social media can provide more exposure for your practice.

iRecord’s Healthcare Recording Equipment can put physicians in the spotlight and help patients get to know you. This is very helpful for patients that have to travel a long distance to get specialty care. Creating a short video that showcases a physician’s bedside manner, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and past patient testimonials might convince someone to choose one doctor over another.

In the digital age of social media and viral videos, everyone is looking for their 5 seconds of fame. Sharing videos of complicated operations or before and after results can get viewers interested in learning more about the equipment, the ailment, and the doctor conducting the process. This can build a healthcare provider’s credibility and hopefully their patient list as their internet popularity continues to grow.

Educate Patients And Avoid Repeating Information

Being the star of your practice’s social media page might not be something you’re comfortable with, but there are many other benefits to Healthcare Recording Equipment besides gaining notoriety. Video recording is great for helping with patient memory lapses and education saving your practice time and money.

Studies have shown that patients don’t always recall their doctor’s instructions the first time. Many doctors find they have patients contact them to ask more questions or ask them to repeat proper care steps again. Save yourself time and additional patient visits by recording conversations and instructions for patient care following a diagnosis. When the patient returns home, they can refer back to the video recording to make sure they understood their physician correctly without calling their office again. This is also helpful for patients with adult care givers. If a person returns from their healthcare provider’s office and their care giver has questions about the given instructions, they can also refer to the video of the conversation between the doctor and the patient, so they are in the loop and understand how to care for their loved one correctly.

Another great use for Healthcare Recording Equipment is to teach patients and physicians about operations, new equipment, or medical procedures. When a patient is expecting to have an intense operation, it might put their nerves at ease to see a video of the doctor conducting the same procedure on a different patient. The doctor can watch the video recording with the patient or create a new video that explains what is done in each step, how the medical equipment works, and how this operation will benefit the patient when it is completed.

Video can be a useful tool among the healthcare community as well. If a medical student or doctor needs to learn a procedure or needs to keep up-to-date on new codes and standards, a video is a great way to retain information and illustrate proper techniques. With medical technology advancing rapidly, watching videos of procedures done with new machines or equipment aren’t only education tools, but selling tools as well. Why a hospital might choose to purchase an MRI machine or other equipment from one retailer versus another might have to do with the brand they see other doctors using in procedure videos.

Reviewing Procedures 

By using Healthcare Recording Equipment in the operating room can help build trust between a medical professional and their patients. People appreciate when doctors are transparent and upfront about health issues. The patient will appreciate the doctor willing to go the extra mile to check their work with Healthcare Recording Equipment in the operating room. After the procedure, the doctor can review the recording of the operation with the patient so they have a clear understanding of the events that took place while they were unconscious, and the patient will see the doctor’s conduct during the surgery.

Healthcare Recording Equipment in the operating room can expose errors and flaws in a procedure as well. If the patient reports an issue following a procedure, looking back at the recording will determine if this is a routine issue or something that happened because of an error that took place during the operation. Having a video recording is useful evidence and helpful in the event of a lawsuit or an investigation of a doctor’s practices and procedures.

iRecord’s Healthcare Recording Equipment Can Help 

Whether you’re trying to gain publicity, looking for helpful education tools for yourself or your patients, or just having a recording for backup purposes, contact iRecord today for a custom consultation for your practice.

Healthcare Recording Suite

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