Interview Room Recording System Failures—and How to Avoid Them

Our criminal justice system requires accurate evidence to determine the outcome of a case. And oftentimes, it’s the recorded interview and interrogation evidence that matters the most.

Public safety agencies need a reliable interview room recording system. Unfortunately, many teams are struggling to secure the evidence they need. But with the right solution, they can finally start to alleviate their worries and fears.

Common Risks with Outdated Software and Equipment

We all understand the frustrations of dealing with inconsistent technology in our personal lives. When similar issues pop up in the public safety sector, though, everything only seems to get worse. Agencies that have experienced any of these problems in the past know that they can’t afford to continue taking any risks.

Poor Quality for Audio/Video Recording

The quality and professionalism of how interviews are conducted is certainly the first step in collecting reliable evidence. The next piece of the puzzle is to make sure your interview room recording system hardware is actually doing its part too.

Older microphones simply aren’t as powerful as the newer models available today, and any soft-spoken phrase or word can easily get missed in the recording. The same goes for poor video quality. Every modern interview recording system needs to be utilizing HD cameras. Ideally this is done with a two-camera setup that will capture video not only of the interview subject’s face but their entire body language, as well.

Anything that might seem to be “irrelevant” in a regular conversation can prove to be just the opposite for interview evidence. That’s why camera and microphone failures are so terribly detrimental for a case.

Compromised Digital Evidence Storage

Another hazard of using an outdated system is that it likely won’t integrate with a cloud storage solution. Today, agencies need the option to work remotely and access their digital evidence anytime, and anywhere.

Redundant cloud storage is the best way to protect teams against losing a recording. Yet without the ability to work with a comprehensive solution that both records and stores your evidence securely, agencies can face terrible consequences.

To combat these risks, iRecord utilizes Edge Recording—a redundant capture and storage solution that happens right at the camera level. This technology utilizes a secure program along with SD card technology. Then, in the event that the primary capture system has any issue, agencies can rest assured there they’ll have a backup copy available.

What’s more, iRecord also utilizes backup Evidence Vault technology. This software automatically creates a backup copy of your audio video evidence that’s stored on the “secondary” Evidence Vault for an even deeper layer of redundant storage.

You only have one chance to record your evidence. Once that’s done, it needs to be fully secured and easily accessible. Our solutions at iRecord are designed to do just that.

Trust iRecord for a Reliable Interview Room Recording System!

The advancements for interview room recording system technology give public safety professionals the flexibility to work remotely, securely store their evidence, and record more reliable and complete evidence overall. Making the switch to a modern setup gives everyone better peace of mind, and when you partner with an experienced solutions provider, it’s easier than ever to stay on-track.

At iRecord, our entire mission is to support the service of public safety agencies as they gather their critical evidence. Whether your agency has already experienced devastating complications with your existing recording equipment or you’re just looking to take your process a step forward, know that we’re here to help. Together, we can design a solution that’s custom-built to your facility and process. Please contact us to learn more during a consultation!

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