Evidence Vault Tracking System: Why to Go Digital with DEMS

The devastation of losing casework evidence can hardly be expressed. There’s so much on the line for criminal investigations, and even misdemeanors, so it’s critical for agencies to have a secure and streamlined process for storing their digital evidence.

Fortunately, today’s evidence vault technology with digital evidence management solutions (DEMS) are better than ever. And when those files are saved on the cloud, everyone can work faster, smarter, and with even greater confidence. All of their notes will be properly saved within a secure online portal.


Digital Evidence Challenges for Agencies Today

When you get down to it, the challenges for digital evidence management are twofold. On the one hand, there are extreme risks when agencies remain stuck in the old model of storing all of their digital evidence on their onsite servers. Technology failures and security threats may be relatively rare, but you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

The other problem with logging digital evidence onsite is that it slows down the entire investigation process for a case and its timeline for reaching a resolution. Saving digital evidence on flash drives for physical transfers simply takes too long. Parties should have instant access to digital evidence. Adopting the latest digital evidence management solutions allow you to access those files online, from anywhere and at any time.


The Difference with DEMS Evidence Vault Solutions

There are already so many pressures on law enforcement agencies today. That’s why teams need more flexibility and security for managing their caseloads. The best cloud storage evidence vault solutions are designed to provide just that. Agencies that adopt DEMS are able to ensure they have redundant storage. Moreover, they’ll be able to access all of their digital files right through a cloud-based evidence vault.

With automatic cloud storage, everyone involved with the case will have immediate access to the evidence they need to review. This takes remote collaboration to a whole new level—because everything is logged and tracked online.

What’s more, the right system for your agency will be completely secure with unique logins and audit tracking. The advancements with DEMS allows everyone to work quickly, and that means we’re able to bring the truth to light faster than ever. The risks of losing your interview evidence are far too great. A secure evidence vault that connects to cloud storage helps give everyone peace of mind.


Ready to Partner with iRecord? Let’s Get Started!

When agencies partner with iRecord, they’re able to get a truly streamlined solution for all of their audio video interview evidence needs. We not only help law enforcement and child advocacy agencies design the physical interview room itself, we also equip them with DEMS platforms that are user-friendly for every party involved in the case.

To continue the conversation, simply send a message to our team. Then we can analyze your current setup and help resolve any gaps to make your process more effective and efficient. We work with agencies all across the country, and we’d be more than happy to set up a consultation with your leadership team. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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