Digital Evidence Management Faces Risks without the Cloud

Law enforcement as a whole made the switch to digital evidence years and decades ago. But many agencies aren’t managing these systems efficiently, or even to their full advantage. Teams that solely rely on server storage on-premise for digital evidence face a handful of problems.

Today’s digital security trends and progress are centered around the Cloud. These solutions keep agencies on track by mitigating risks with digital storage, because any mismanaged evidence can throw an entire case out of court. The best ones are easy to use and even utilize online portals. More importantly—a streamlined Cloud Digital Evidence Management Solution can help protect your team from compliance issues down the road.


Solving Your Digital Evidence Management Risks

Despite all of the advances in technology, no system is perfect. There are, however, ways to protect your agency from some of the most common errors related to digital evidence storage and data security. Losing an audio video interview recording file would be a devasting blow to any case. That’s why it’s critical for teams to have a reliable backup save solution. An onsite server alone isn’t enough.

Managing digital evidence also comes with data transfer risks. It’s one thing to have a physical handoff from agency to agency with flash drives and DVDs. Despite being slow, that process still provides some level of security. For digital evidence, the question of logins and password becomes more complicated. Not all management solutions have reviewed the potential security threats in a truly serious way.

The other concern with digital storage relates to your chain of evidence. Detectives and other parties involved with the case have more than enough details to manage as-is. So whenever it comes time to update the chain of evidence, there stands a chance that something might get overlooked. An automated system for updating the chain of evidence adds another layer of assurance. Agencies can get all of these benefits and more with a good Cloud Solution.


How Do Cloud Storage Solutions Work?

Cloud Solutions in their simplest forms work as redundant storage for your files. That means you’ll lower your risks of losing an interview recording or other digital evidence. Even better—agencies that switch to the Cloud also have the flexibility to review evidence for their caseload at any time, and anywhere. You simply access the files over the internet, and your secure logins help keep the sensitive data safe.

With the Cloud, you don’t have to worry about making physical copies of your interview evidence or other digital evidence. Removing that hassle can then free up time for other responsibilities. The ability to check on evidence remotely gives your team the option to work wherever is convenient for them. And with a robust and intuitive Cloud Solution, they’ll also have new opportunities to collaborate with other parties working on the case.


Get a Better Process with the Right Cloud Portal

In this digital age, the issue of adopting new technology for your agency isn’t always easy to navigate. Even when you know that the change will be for the best and that you’re moving in the right direction, it’s normal to have some hesitations. Finding a user-friendly solution can help give your team members peace of mind.

When your Cloud Solution is designed specifically with the law enforcement workflow in mind, you’ll have a much smoother time making the switch. Going with a Cloud Solution that also functions as a collaborative portal works in everyone’s favor, across all of the various departments and different professionals working on the case. A Cloud Portal Solution lets you move forward with faster and more secure evidence sharing.

Parties can essentially access digital files in real-time, as soon as the evidence is uploaded. This makes it quick and easy for everyone to reference the most important aspects of the case. Law enforcement agencies can update the legal teams. Or child advocacy groups, SART teams, and other public safety professionals can log in to the Cloud Solution Portal to get up to speed and share their own evidence. With an efficient system for working together, you’ll be in a much stronger position to drive every case toward a just decision and resolution.


There are all types of questions to address and consider when it comes to finding the best Cloud Digital Evidence Management Solution for your department and the other organizations in your community. Scheduling a consult with a nationally-recognized Cloud Solutions provider can help you get oriented to the possibilities. If you would like to learn more about iRecord’s Cloud Solution powered by NICE Investigate, please visit our website.


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