Police Interview Room Recording Systems: Do Agencies Need the Cloud?

As the private sector continues to evolve with new advancements in technology, law enforcement agencies need to follow suit. Certain methods may have worked fine for previous generations. But we need to take a closer look at our police interview room recording systems and evidence management. The process of recording and storing interview evidence can’t remain static. It’s time to make sure your agency is keeping up with the times and moving to a modern process.

Police Interview Room Recording Systems—Outdated Hardware

The first step for updating police interview room recording systems is to examine the hardware. We’ve launched ourselves into the digital age, yet some agencies are still relying on VHS tapes to document their audio video evidence. Not only are these cumbersome to manage onsite, they’re also more difficult to share.

What’s more, the existing cameras and microphones in an interview room will need to be modernized too. High-definition video and high-quality audio are critical for the court. We need to have every aspect of the interrogation or testimonial clearly recorded for review.

All that being said, today’s police interview room recording systems require more than just updated hardware. They also need to be fully integrated with a cloud solution.

What Does the Cloud Do for Law Enforcement Agencies?

The majority of agencies are currently struggling with how to streamline their process for creating and safeguarding accurate digital interview recordings. Fortunately, the latest technology solutions provide secure storage, remote access for caseload review, and a robust digital evidence management system to organize key details for your caseload. It all comes down to having a good cloud solution.

1. Secure Digital Evidence Storage

No law enforcement agency can stand the risk of losing a piece of interview evidence. The recordings should never be corrupted or mismanaged either.

Redundant storage options can help mitigate the risks of a lost interview. But this doesn’t mean we need to spend time making physical copies. A cloud storage and portal solution allows you to upload all of your digital evidence into a tamper-resistant repository. Incorporating a cloud solution into your police interview room recording systems essentially allows you to create and store permanent copies of your digital case information.

2. Immediate Remote Evidence Sharing

In addition, your cloud solution should provide a secure online portal to grant parties remote access to the evidence. Then they can immediately review the content as soon as it’s been uploaded to the case file. When there’s a faster way to share evidence, we can also increase the speed of bringing a case to resolution.

The cloud works to reduce or even eliminate travel time, as well. There’s no need for couriers to transport the material, and parties no longer need to commute to their worksite to access the evidence. They’ll be able to sign-on remotely to the online cloud portal, from anywhere in the world.

3. Complete DEMS Integration

Agencies should also be aware that a truly smart cloud solution will be able to operate as the go-to for all of their digital evidence—not just their audio video interview recordings. That means better organization for every case.

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