Interview Room Recording System

Recording systems that are valuable in many different types of interview applications. 

Over 16 years ago in Indianapolis, IN, iRecord was established to assist organizations in capturing audio and video and video of interviews and interrogations of victims, suspects, and witnesses with their Interview Room Recording System. Being able to capture this information led to reduced amounts of false confessions, faster trials, and much more.

What is an Interview Room Recording System?

For many cases, it is extremely powerful to be able to provide video and audio to a judge, a lawyer, or another deciding figure. Being able to provide this will give a first-hand experience to the dialogue and body langue from your interviewee, which can determine if the person is telling the truth, being inconsistent, appearing nervous or uncooperative, and much more. While the verbal interview is extremely important, body language can tell us much more than we could ever expect! iRecord’s state of the art Interview Room Recording System is here to reduce the risk of lost interviews with our stress-free technology.

iRecord’s system is all digital which allows easy access to high-quality recordings where ever you are at.  Not only does it allow easy access, but our Interview Room Recording System also makes it possible to record from anywhere. Once your interview is recordedit is secured in a secure digital vault that allows you access no matter where you are. This digital vault also tracks who is in ownership of the interview all the way up until it is deleted.

Uses for Interview Recording System

Our recording system was created with all uses in mind. We are not only here to assist local police officers, but doctors and children alike. Take a look and see if our recording system is right for you.

Law Enforcement

No different than the shows you watch on television, all suspects and witnesses must be interviewed to be able to recreate the crime to bring justice to those involved. Our system has been able to work seamlessly with the prosection system. iRecord offers an in-the-field interview recording system that allows police officers and detectives to be able to interview victims and witnesses without having to bring them to the department. With these recordings, the attorneys, officers, judge, just and jury are not only able to hear the testimonial but also see the body language of each interviewee.

Health Care

In a very different application, iRecord’s recording system is perfect for different types of health care settings. These recordings are great for nursing students and medical residents by observing their skills to be able to provide feedback to the growing health care professionals. These videos are also a great record for rehabilitation appointments and physical therapy. These stored recordings can prove useful during self-critiques, troubleshooting, and new insights.

Child Advocacy

Very similar to law enforcement, it is very important that every forensic child interview is documented to be sure all techniques are in place to protect the child victims. These recordings document the non-leading questions to get the most truthful answers from each victim. With the Interview Room Recording System the child does not have to confront their abusers in a courtroom, iRecord’s system will capture all necessary information to then provide it to a court system.


Just like Interview Room Recording Systems for medical applications, these are perfect for a classroom environment where you can use the recordings for self-improvement. This is extremely important for reviews, remote attendance monitoring, demonstrations and more!

Benefits Of Using iRecord For Your Interview Room Recording System

There are many reasons why your organization could benefit from having a recording system in your interview room or classroom. Some of which can be used as training material, keeping your victims safe, and even helping an investigation. Here are the top reasons to invest in an Interview Room Recording System:

All of our systems are built on a userfriendly platform that allows the user to track interviews all the way to deletion. Not only does it track one interview, but our system also works with multiple rooms and houses all interviews on one centralized server.
Our video systems are impartial. Our videos can be used to critique and asses performances/training to create the next steps for improvements.
All of our recording systems securely store all of your vital videos until you are ready to view or share each individual digital video. This provides peace of mind with what can sometimes be personal or confidential.

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