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iRecord has established a robust presence globally, offering unparalleled interview recording solutions to Law Enforcement (LE) agencies, Child Advocacy Centers (CACs), and human trafficking organizations. Our cutting-edge technology ensures reliable, secure, multi-lingual support, high-quality recordings critical for justice and advocacy work. 

Agencies Worldwide Using iRecord

Below are some of the international locations where iRecord is making a significant impact:

  • Thailand: Human Trafficking
  • Vietnam: Human Trafficking
  • Canada: Law Enforcement & CAC
  • Australia: Child Advocacy 
  • Nigeria: Child Advocacy
  • Zambia: Countywide PDs and Courts
  • Dutch Islands (Aruba): Law Enforcement
  • Cambodia: Human Trafficking
  • Guatemala: Human Trafficking

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International Resources

To further support our global users, we’ve compiled valuable resources and publications highlighting effective and ethical practices in investigative interviewing and information gathering. These resources provide comprehensive insights and guidelines to enhance the work of law enforcement agencies and child advocacy centers worldwide.

Principles on Effective Interviewing for Investigations and Information Gathering

This document, supported by the Anti-Torture Initiative, the Association for the Prevention of Torture, and the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, provides a comprehensive framework for conducting interviews that respect human rights while gathering accurate information. The principles are rooted in scientific research and international legal standards.

UN Manual on Non-Coercive Interrogation

This manual outlines international standards and best practices for non-coercive interrogation, emphasizing the importance of ethical and effective methods in criminal investigations.

Manual on Investigative Interviewing for Criminal Investigation (2024)

This manual offers detailed guidance on conducting investigative interviews, ensuring that methods are effective and respectful of the interviewee's rights. It is an essential resource for law enforcement professionals engaged in criminal investigations.

See How the Marion County Sheriff’s Department Improved Their Operations with iRecord

Using iRecord has given the Marion County Sheriff’s Office the best-in-class recording equipment for their interview evidence. There are many reasons why they’re remained loyal to their iRecord solutions over the years, and with their recent move, they were able to make it better than ever.

iRecord Packages







Can't be happier for making the switch.  I am convinced it is the best product for its purpose. The iRecord system has saved hours in downloading recordings compared to our old system and any time you can save money in a police department, makes for a happy Chief…
The installation went great, everyone seems to be getting the hang of the system. This is one of the smoothest installs I have ever taken part in. We are extremely happy with the quality of the recordings that we are getting and the ease of use of the system. Thanks for everything.
Our agency has had the I -Record, One Room Essential since March 3rd. Since that time, we have conducted several interviews utilizing I -Record. This system is extremely easy to use. It enables us to input more detail into the information screen, which makes retrieval much simpler.
The iRecord system is a HUGE improvement over our previous system. The hard drive, which iRecord utilizes, allows for a larger, safer storage vault and is easily accessed later if needed. The note taking availability is a nice feature, allowing for documentation of key statements or confessions during the interview.
You and your staff have been very professional, personable and very knowledgeable which was an asset in helping me to decide what would best fit the needs of my department. From the onset of this project Mr. Doug Miller was instrumental in making the order of all (9) systems easy and methodical. Mr. Miller stayed in constant contact with me throughout the process and kept me up to date on the status until all the equipment had been delivered to me.

Case Studies

Marion County Sheriff’s Office Case Study

In order to streamline their process for securing and sharing their interview evidence, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office in Indianapolis, Indiana proudly upgraded to a modern iRecord interview recording solution in 2022.

This article serves as a quick introduction to their project. For more information on the agency’s partnership and benefits with iRecord, please download the complete iRecord Case Study: Marion County Sheriff’s Office. Then check out their video testimonial—it’s a great way to see their new facility and recording solution in action!

Grant County Sheriff’s Office Case Study
Since 2010, the Grant County Sheriff’s Office has been utilizing iRecord for live monitoring and recording for their interview rooms and polygraph room. The latest iRecord equipment to be adopted by the organization is iRecord Anywhere.

iRecord Anywhere was a recommended solution for the Operations Division to ease some of the everyday challenges faced by their team as well as provide benefit to the investigative process itself.

Carmel PD Case Study

The Carmel, Indiana Police Department works diligently in partnership with the Carmel community to ensure that the city remains a safe and secure environment to live and work. Employing 104 sworn officers and 20 civilian employees, the Carmel Police Department is one of only ten police departments in Indiana to have earned the designation as an internationally accredited law enforcement agency.

An integral part of the Carmel Police Department is the Criminal Investigations Division (CID). Headed by Major Luckie Carey, the CID provides the primary investigative service and Lab/Property support for the Carmel Police Department and the community. The CID conducts major criminal investigations, which include robberies, sex crimes, frauds, auto thefts, and crimes against persons. It is the mission of the CID to investigate crimes and collect the evidence to prepare those cases for successful prosecution.


The Addison Police Department is responsible for the 12 square miles of Addison, IL and the 39,000 citizens that reside there. The Department values all of its citizens and respects their right to live in a safe and nurturing community, free from all forms of oppression. There are over 100 members of the nationally accredited Department and all work hard to keep the community of Addison safe and free from harm and wrong doing.

An integral part of the Addison Police Department is the interviews that are conducted with the suspects of crimes. In these interviews, suspects are given the opportunity to tell their side of the story, with the interviewer attempting to get the suspect to divulge information or confess to a crime. Some interviews need to be recorded for evidence in the pending cases, and they need to contain as much information as possible.

Law Enforcement Recording Suite

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