Police Software Options for Digital Evidence Storage

Industry-specific technology gives teams some of the most powerful tools to improve their process. But with the rapid rate of how technology advances, some of these systems that have been reliable in the past are quickly proving to be outdated. The options for police software and digital evidence management solutions today are truly better than ever before.


The Current Approach to Police Software

When agencies work with an iRecord solution for their interview evidence recordings, they get an intuitive police software system, as well as great hardware. We work hard to stay on the cutting edge and our regular check-ins with both current and prospective clients have helped us to continue improving our solutions year over year.

If you’ve already been working with an iRecord system, your agency is probably completely satisfied with how your police software has been working. Nevertheless, we’ve recently added another upgrade that you won’t want to miss. Our new cloud solution is just as easy to navigate, and it benefits all types of public safety organizations, legal professionals, and detectives. Migrating to the iRecord Cloud helps teams and different departments connect even faster. And that means you’re able to move through each case more efficiently.


Cloud Portal Solution Benefits

Your police software is specific to your onsite IT infrastructure. While this is fine in theory, it’s not the best setup for the long-term. Because the programs are linked to your desktops, it’s not really possible to take your digital files with you and access them when you’re out of the office. A cloud solution changes that.

Incorporating the iRecord police software solution with our robust cloud platform gives agencies a smarter way to work. You get the same tools to manage your interview evidence, and it can even help organize your other digital evidence. Even better, moving to the cloud helps protect your critical interview evidence with redundant storage. You can’t afford to lose any of your files, so it’s crucial for police software to have an automatic backup process.

The real difference with the iRecord Cloud, though, is that we’ve built our solution as a portal. This means that any other necessary, pre-approved party will be able to access your digital evidence whenever they need to collaborate on a case or gather their own insights.

With the cloud, your agency doesn’t have to worry about physical digital evidence transfers on flash drives either. Everything can be instantly accessed online—and it’s all locked behind extremely secure logins and passwords.


Improve Your Police Software Standards with iRecord!

Our team is proud to lead the way for digital evidence management, interview room audio video recordings, and police software solutions. Now with the cloud, we’re able to provide agencies with a comprehensive suite of industry-specific technology to help address your caseload and stay on track.

If you’re ready to take the next step and improve your agency’s process, we’d love to get in touch. We can confidently say that we have the best solutions on the market. Let’s schedule a demo and continue the conversation. It’s easy to scale our solutions to meet your needs best, and we pride ourselves on having fantastic customer service.

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