iRecord Custom Solutions for Interview Room Recording Systems

While public safety protocols and many interview evidence process policies follow the same standards from state to state, there’s no denying the fact that no two agencies are exactly alike. Be sure to keep this in mind when adopting your new interview room recording systems. Your investment deserves a custom solution, and that requires working with an experienced team. Don’t settle for anything less!

Every Agency Is Different—Interview Room Recording Systems Are Never “One Size Fits All”

Whether it’s the size of the agency or the populations you serve, there are bound to be certain specifications that will matter more for your agency than others.

For example, you may be looking for a covert camera setup with your interview room recording systems. Are the providers you’re considering able to present you with different options? More importantly, are they taking the physical layout of your room into consideration?

A two-camera setup is critical for providing accurate interview evidence to the court. But if those camera angles aren’t positioned correctly, there’s a good chance you’ll be missing a full-body view of the interview subject. That just opens up the opportunity for trouble. You don’t want anyone questioning the integrity of your interview process. The court also needs to be able to study a person’s body language to reach a clear resolution. The right solutions provider will know how to arrange your hardware in the most effective way possible.

Case Study: iRecord Solutions for Simultaneous Spanish-English Translation Recordings

In addition to the interview room design, your agency might be eager to explore more nuanced solutions for your audio video recording process. This is how our team at iRecord really shines. One of the most interesting requests we’ve received came from a child advocacy center.

We had the pleasure of working with the CAC of Suffolk County based in Boston. As the project got underway, their leadership team asked whether we could develop a way for them to record real-time English translations of their interviews conducted in Spanish. They had attempted to work with some different options in the past, but this time around, they were hoping for a truly customized solution. We’re happy to say our team rose to the challenge.

It was just a matter of having two interview room recording systems operating simultaneously. We installed equipment in the interview room itself, as well as in an observation room. There, the translator can listen to the interview right as it happens in Spanish. Then they simply speak into a headset. Their own audio gets recorded, and then there’s a complete, live English translation of the interview to add to the case file. There’s no delay on getting a second recording because that translation was created right alongside the Spanish conversation.

This setup has proven to be a real dream for the child advocacy center because they aren’t dealing with a complicated audio mixer or “audio in and audio out” functions that are susceptible to human error. The recordings are made simultaneously—automatically. It really couldn’t be easier for moving their casework forward.

Together, We’ll Customize Your Interview Room Recording Systems

If your agency could use a solution for simultaneous dual-language recordings, we’ve got you covered. The system we developed with the CAC of Suffolk County can work for agencies all across the country.

Otherwise, if you’re looking to address another concern with your interview recording systems, we’d be happy to consult with you on that too! Send us a message to start the conversation, and let our industry expertise customize a setup that will make sense for your team long-term. iRecord is here to help!

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