Grant Best Practices

5 Best Practices, A Guidebook and Checklist to Organize Your Application

Get The 5 Best Practices For Winning Grant Approval

To meet their funding requirements, many nonprofits and municipal agencies can’t rely on donations or tax dollars alone. Grants help fill in the gaps. But securing those awards isn’t easy.

Whether this is your first time navigating the grant process or you’ve been at it for years, it’s important to have a plan.

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Get The 5 Best Practices For Winning Grant Approval

The mission of iRecord is to serve and protect the public safety professionals who serve and protect our communities. We are dedicated supporters of our law enforcement and child advocacy organizations, and our company goal is to help make these demanding roles easier.

Since 2002, iRecord has worked to design and develop audio video recording solutions specifically for police interrogations rooms and child advocacy center forensic interview rooms. We pride ourselves on being a trusted resource for agencies looking to modernize their recording setups. If you have any questions about your options, please be sure to contact us.

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