5 Tips for Setting Up Interview Room Recording Equipment

While every facility is unique, there are certain best practices that every agency should follow when setting up their interview room recording equipment. Even minor details can be the deciding factor between evidence that’s court-admissible and a recording that is incomplete.

Not only that, we need to consider the general workflow of how the audio video evidence is managed. It’s crucial to have an efficient, streamlined process each step of the way. Reviewing these tips can help!

5 Keys for Interview Room Recording Equipment

Renovating your agency’s interview room may seem daunting, but there are a few simple ways to ensure that nothing gets overlooked. Be sure to compare this list to your current plan of action. When the upgrades are done right, you’ll have a solution that will be effective for years to come—and give your team the assurance they need that their interview evidence will be as reliable and accurate as possible.

  1. Choose reliable recording equipment

Both law enforcement agencies and child advocacy centers require interview room recording equipment that’s user-friendly and current with the latest technology standards. Modern, high-definition IP cameras and powerful microphones are the first part. Your hardware makes all the difference in capturing every detail of your interview evidence.

  1. Design with your space in mind

Some agencies are looking for covert camera setups. And across the board, the microphones for your interview room recording equipment need to be installed to record each word that’s said. There are also specific standards for how a modern interview room should be organized. A review of the policies for your square-footage requirements needs to be conducted, as well.

  1. Upgrade to a modern DEMS platform

Integration is the cornerstone of moving to a cloud solution, so you’ll also need to make sure your recording system is working in harmony with your software management system.

  1. Have the option to go mobile

Not all interview room recording equipment needs to take place at your agency itself. You can also record your interview evidence in-the-field. There are mobile site solutions available today, which allow you to bring a recording room anywhere via a specialty vehicle. You can also equip your team with a mobile solution that uses computer tablets and DEMS integration.

  1. Find a solutions provider you trust

You need to know that your interview room recording equipment is arranged accordingly, and iRecord is proud to have served clients all across. Our solutions are created with the direct input of law enforcement professionals and are specific to agencies’ needs, and when you partner with iRecord, you’ll have a user-friendly solution that’s designed to manage your caseload more effectively—without the headaches and risks that come with an outdated, unreliable system.

We Partner with Agencies from Start to Finish

We take a comprehensive approach at iRecord. This means that we can help guide your interview room setup starting right from the design-build stage, all the way through to the final setup and training.

That being said, we’re also happy to partner with agencies during any phase. You might already have interview rooms in place, or you could be making plans to launch a brand-new facility. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’re here to help!

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