Onsite Mobile Solutions

Interview Recording Centers—to Travel Wherever

What if you could record your interview evidence anywhere—not just at your facility?

The iRecord interview recording solutions that law enforcement and child advocacy teams already utilize on-site are now available on-the-road! Our partnership with the Specialty Vehicles Division of Winnebago Industries seamlessly incorporates iRecord technology into a smart, strategic layout. Now, you can get to the truth anywhere, at any time.


These command centers include everything your agency needs to record interview evidence on-location:

  • Interview Recording Room
  • Observation Room
  • Waiting Area
  • Bathroom Facilities
  • Plenty of Storage, and more
  • all inside one vehicle


Plus, the vehicles come complete with the latest audio-video recording hardware and iRecord software to properly manage your digital interview evidence:

  • HD Two-Camera Setup
  • Covert Installation Options
  • Omnidirectional Microphones
  • Simple One-Touch Recording
  • Non-Proprietary CODECS
  • Date/Time Overlay Watermarking
  • Video Grab-Frame Technology
  • Searchable Notes and META Data
  • Automatic Chain of Evidence
  • Intuitive Interface Design, and more!

Meet the Mobile Child Advocacy Center

Completely integrated with iRecord technology, these custom Winnebago vehicles offer a unique, streamlined layout for the first mobile child advocacy centers to hit the road.

More specifically, the units enable child advocacy team members to provide a safe place to meet children and families in their own communities. There’s no need for clients to travel. So it’s easier than ever to connect with the populations you need to serve.

There’s a child-friendly interview room built into every vehicle. That means low stress for you—and your clients.

Your iRecord audio-visual equipment will be permanently installed to deliver accurate, high-quality recordings every time. Then your team members can go straight from the interview room to their workstation to start on case notes and redactions with the iRecord software.

It’s the perfect, all-in-one solution for child advocacy agencies to work on-the-road and move their caseload along faster.

“These are not ordinary motorhome chassis […] We start with heavy-duty commercial chassis, then build them out with our trademark SuperStructure construction.


That gives us a foundation so strong we don’t need internal walls or cabinetry for support, so end-users have maximum flexibility when it comes to designing their unit.”

– Rob Kim, head of Winnebago’s Specialty Vehicles

Mobile Police Interview Command Centers

Don’t let anything slow your team members down when they’re on-the-scene. Your agency’s new mobile command center needs a comprehensive, compact recording room to gather interview evidence at a moment’s notice.

Now, officers and detectives are finally empowered to record critical interview evidence in a professional setting—even while off-site.

There are no more limits for when or where you can conduct witness, suspect, or victim interviews. Your mobile interview rooms is always at-the-ready. You can travel anywhere in your jurisdiction with all of the necessary equipment already onboard. The audio-video hardware is permanently installed, and the entire iRecord platform is there for you to secure your digital evidence, add notes, create redactions, and more.

Case Study: Hudson County Mobile Command Center

With their new mobile command center, the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office can record interviews and get to the truth faster than ever.

Their specialty vehicle includes the full suite of iRecord Universe hardware and software. Moreover, their new Winnebago is based on the company’s popular commercial shell platform, so it’s built to last.

Whether they need to act quickly in the field, or it’s just inconvenient to bring in a subject to their agency’s facility, the mobile interview recording room helps them get the job done right.

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