Discover the Latest Tips for Interrogation Room Setup

Whether you’re interviewing a witness or you’re interrogating a suspect, there are certain rules and protocols that every law enforcement agency needs to follow. Our justice system depends on reviewing the most accurate interview evidence. But without a modern interrogation room setup, the court may not be able to review all of the facts. Conducting […]

Evidence Vault Tracking System: Why to Go Digital with DEMS

The devastation of losing casework evidence can hardly be expressed. There’s so much on the line for criminal investigations, and even misdemeanors, so it’s critical for agencies to have a secure and streamlined process for storing their digital evidence. Fortunately, today’s evidence vault technology with digital evidence management solutions (DEMS) are better than ever. And […]

5 Modern Interview Room Policy Directives—Is Your Agency Compliant?

The entire public safety industry has specific policy and procedures in place to best ensure that our communities are protected. And for law enforcement, the policies surrounding interview room designs and interview evidence practices can be some of the most stringent. Whether the interview room is used for criminal suspects, juvenile offenders, or witnesses and […]

Discover the Latest Technology for Interview Room Equipment!

Law enforcement agencies need interview room equipment that records accurate interview evidence every time. This happens in different stages. For one, the room itself needs to be set up appropriately. You also need the right hardware. But what happens after that? If your agency doesn’t have the proper software solutions in place, you’re likely dealing […]

Modern Colposcopes and iRecord: Evidence for Faster Trial Resolutions

Technology is always evolving—and there’s no doubt that public safety teams need to consider new solutions for gathering their forensic evidence. There’s no reason for teams to continue working with outdated systems. Modern colposcopes offer more benefits to survivors of sexual assault and healthcare professionals.   Modern Colposcope Best Features Physician offices and SANE facilities […]

Avoid the Bids and RFPs—Utilize iRecord Procurement Options

We know that moving forward with a new digital recording solution can be a major investment for agencies. That’s why we’ve made the effort to help provide our clients with multiple options for procuring their new equipment. Whether you’re in law enforcement, the director of a child advocacy center, or leading a SART team, please […]

iRecord Case Study: Sylvia’s Child Advocacy Center

All across the country, the critical services of child advocacy centers help keep the children in our communities safe. The team members are always passionate about their work. But there’s no denying that the days can be challenging. Fortunately, a user-friendly recording solution can help ease that stress whenever it comes time to gather their […]

iRecord Case Study: CAC of Suffolk County’s Forensic Interview Recording Solution

As the front-line responders for children in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area, the Children’s Advocacy Center of Suffolk County plays a crucial part in addressing some of the most difficult investigations within their community. Their forensic interview recordings are often the crux of a case, so naturally, they need to ensure that all of their […]

How the iRecord Video Interview Recording Software Works

When it comes to audio video interview evidence, hardware tends to be the first piece of the puzzle. We need reliable audio and clear HD video to present to the court. But once that’s in place, agencies can’t overlook the value of having intuitive recording software. These solutions are what make the real difference in […]

Police Cameras for Remote Interview Recordings

Accurate evidence is at the heart of every legal case. On the one hand, we have physical evidence, which certainly has its place. Yet there’s no denying that interview evidence is often the lynchpin for getting to the truth. These conversations help present the human side of the story. But in order to paint the […]