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Law enforcement agencies need interview room equipment that records accurate interview evidence every time. This happens in different stages. For one, the room itself needs to be set up appropriately. You also need the right hardware. But what happens after that?

If your agency doesn’t have the proper software solutions in place, you’re likely dealing with security risks and dangerous delays in bringing your caseload to resolution with the court.


Going Beyond the Cameras and Microphones

There’s no doubt that your interview room equipment hinges on having the proper camera and microphones installed. The microphones need to pick up on every single word that’s being said. And both your overt and discrete cameras need to record clear video with unobstructed views and high-definition quality.

Without these systems in place, agencies won’t be able to submit accurate evidence to the court. Yet there’s still another component, and unfortunately, too many agencies don’t know how to move forward with the necessary upgrades.


The Latest Interview Room Equipment Features

Modern audio video hardware is just one side of your interview room equipment. The software solutions available today give agencies more time and flexibility for managing their caseloads. Make sure you aren’t missing out.


1. Cloud Storage with Digital Evidence Management

Once your interview evidence is recorded, where does it get stored? Onsite servers are no longer reliable or practical. Everyone involved in the investigation needs to have access to those recordings ASAP—no matter where they’re working from.

Adopting a Digital Evidence Management Solution (DEMS) makes that possible. When your interview evidence is stored in a Cloud Portal, parties are able to use secure logins to review every piece of digital evidence related to a case. It all happens online, so they don’t need to be at the office.

Even better, agencies no longer need to deal with physical transfers with USBs or flash drives. A comprehensive solution will automatically upload those files to your Cloud Portal, saving you valuable time and making it even easier to collaborate.


2. The Power of AI and Automated Transcriptions

Another function that should happen automatically—with just a few clicks—is creating an interview transcription. Today’s AI technology lets agencies speed up their turn-around time for sharing evidence in multiple different formats and files. Integrating with the Veritone AI Solution gets the job done with accurate documentation.

The Veritone software also works to extract actionable intelligence from other digital evidence too. Then agencies can automate the redaction process for all types of audio video evidence, such as redacting license plates, headshots, and other sensitive imagery and information.


3. Secure Live Monitoring for Team Members

Whether you have team members working remotely or you just need a more reliable solution for observing your interview subjects, live monitoring is critical.

Once again, this feature should be seamlessly incorporated with the rest of your interview room equipment and software solutions. In theory, this should be a relatively simple upgrade, yet many agencies still haven’t added this to their process. You just need the right team to help you make the switch!


Ready to Upgrade Your Interview Room Equipment?

Agencies all across the country trust iRecord to bring them the solutions they need to efficiently manage their caseload and produce accurate recordings. We know how to deliver reliable interview room equipment that lives up to today’s high standards.

With our team, you’re truly getting a partner to help you from start to finish. We have unique partnerships to help with your procurement, and a full suite of services to align both your hardware and software into a streamlined system.


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