Discover the Latest Tips for Interrogation Room Setup

Whether you’re interviewing a witness or you’re interrogating a suspect, there are certain rules and protocols that every law enforcement agency needs to follow. Our justice system depends on reviewing the most accurate interview evidence. But without a modern interrogation room setup, the court may not be able to review all of the facts.

Conducting regular reviews of your existing layout and technology can help your agency stay on track. Not only that, but making the necessary upgrades also works to streamline your caseload with the latest in digital evidence management solutions—as well as reliable audio video recording equipment to capture all of the details throughout the interview.


3 Priorities for LE Interrogation Room Setup

The needs of an interrogation room setup will obviously vary from agency to agency. Yet the universal requirements typically fall into three consistent categories. Taking a close look at each of these categories will help ensure that you’re on the right path!


1. Interrogation Room Setup: Furniture and Design

Agencies today need to take a modern approach to their interrogation room setup. That means minimizing the reminders that your interview subjects are actually in an LE facility. A modern room design helps ensure you’re collecting the most accurate evidence because the entire conversation is taking place in an environment that feels “neutral.”

We want a layout that looks as professional and simplistic as possible. A single table, two matching chairs, and having a carpeted floor make it easier for these conversations to happen. The less defensive a person feels, the better.


2. HD Cameras and Sensitive Microphones

One of the biggest complaints and issues for any agency’s interrogation room setup is that their recording equipment itself isn’t reliable. Older microphones may not be able to pick up on every word that’s being said. Or the video itself may come out too fuzzy. Even worse, the cameras might not record anything at all.

The risks of these technological failures are far too great. Having the right hardware is critical for delivering the most accurate evidence possible to the court. If your systems aren’t keeping up with the times, your agency needs to move toward a dependable recording solution.


3. Cloud Storage with Digital Evidence Management

We never want our casework timelines to fall behind. Yet year over year, law enforcement personnel are almost always faced with the challenge of doing more with less. A robust digital evidence management solution (DEMS) gives agencies the power to work more efficiently.

By having your interview evidence automatically stored in a secure cloud platform, you give everyone involved in the case immediate access to the evidence your team has collected. This fast-paced world requires more collaboration. With DEMS, you’re able to connect with others and even compare notes remotely, in real time. Everyone is able to log in to review the details for a case right from their own device, without having to wait for a physical transfer of digital evidence on a flashdrive.


iRecord Helps Manage Interrogation Room Setup Projects—from Start to Finish

As your recording equipment solutions provider, we’ll work with you every step of the way. From the design work and through the construction process, our team at iRecord knows how to partner with both agency leadership and contractors to deliver the interrogation room setup you need to continue your work and keep your community safe.

There are plenty of items to consider when upgrading your site’s interview rooms. Let us help guide you through each stage. It’s easy to connect with our team to continue the conversation. Simply send us a message to schedule a time to talk. We’re able to provide services during any stage of the process!

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