How the iRecord Video Interview Recording Software Works

When it comes to audio video interview evidence, hardware tends to be the first piece of the puzzle. We need reliable audio and clear HD video to present to the court. But once that’s in place, agencies can’t overlook the value of having intuitive recording software. These solutions are what make the real difference in managing interview evidence.


Understanding Ease-of-Use

Public safety agencies face high pressure situations on a day-to-day basis. Adopting new technology for their evidence collection process shouldn’t add to that stress. The solutions need to be simple to use right from the start.

Navigating new software isn’t always easy, though. And since every agency has a unique set of team members, some will be more comfortable with their agency’s technology than others. That’s why it’s so crucial for agencies to carefully vet different video interview recording software providers. Every offering comes with its own set of quirks and benefits.

In order to really feel confident about your decision moving forward, you’ll need to be able to schedule a consultation and demo with your solutions provider. Comparing the various functionalities and considering the ease-of-use factors for everyone on your team makes all the difference for your long-term investment.


Features of Good Video Interview Recording Software

While different agencies will have different priorities, having a straightforward search function is definitely an important part of great software. Fortunately, with the iRecord interview recording software, you’re able to find your digital evidence quickly just by reviewing the calendar. You don’t necessarily need to look up your content by the interview subject’s name.

Next, be sure to review the options for adding notes to key moments of your audio video recordings. Will your software make it easy to bookmark key moments with your notes and observations? These functions are crucial for building effective redactions.


The Value of Cloud Integration

Another feature to consider is whether your software has a direct connection with cloud storage. Not every provider will have a solution that integrates these two aspects of digital evidence management.

When your evidence can be automatically stored and saved online, anyone working on the case will be able to access those files remotely through a secure login. This is ease-of-use at its best. Going with software that includes the option for a cloud storage solution upgrade is a great way to ensure that you’re adopting technology that will truly scale with you and stay relevant to your work for the long-term.


Discover the Difference with iRecord

At iRecord, we’ve been partnering with law enforcement agencies and child advocacy groups for years to find the best user-friendly features for our recording software. Because we go directly to the end-user, we’ve been able to address the top concerns for your line of work.

We repeatedly hear from new clients that they conducted extensive research and gathered input from other public safety agencies before reaching out to our team at iRecord. It’s always reassuring to know that others have had success with a new software solution. And we’re always proud to deliver!


Our whole mission is to support those who serve and protect our communities. Recording reliable interview evidence is often the cornerstone for the most challenging legal cases. If you’re ready to discover the benefits of iRecord software and our comprehensive process for developing your onsite interview room, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always happy to schedule an initial consultation to introduce you to how our software can help streamline your work for better efficiency—and more peace of mind.

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