Modern Colposcopes and iRecord: Evidence for Faster Trial Resolutions

Technology is always evolving—and there’s no doubt that public safety teams need to consider new solutions for gathering their forensic evidence. There’s no reason for teams to continue working with outdated systems. Modern colposcopes offer more benefits to survivors of sexual assault and healthcare professionals.


Modern Colposcope Best Features

Physician offices and SANE facilities that adopt new colposcopy systems can provide patients with dramatically reduced exam times. Often, the process can be completed twice as fast.

This happens because the cameras have smarter auto-focus capabilities. Healthcare practitioners also have the option to document images and video with a foot pedal, which is much more ergonomic. The older colposcopes simply weren’t designed with ease-of-use features in mind.

What’s more, the accuracy of that forensic evidence is greatly improved when you can adjust the brightness levels and apply a green filter. Colposcopy exams should be concluded as quickly as possible, but they also need to be as accurate as possible. With a newer model, the court will have more reliable evidence to review. Even better, the modern colposcope options help minimize the stress of the exams themselves.


The iRecord and Lutech Colposcope Partnership

Because the iRecord mission is to protect and serve those who serve and protect, we’ve proudly partnered with Lutech to offer a comprehensive digital evidence solution for colposcope exams. Not only is the Lutech technology great in and of itself, it’s a perfect match for the iRecord Cloud Solution too.

Being able to immediately upload this type of forensic evidence to your team’s Cloud portal helps speed up the process for your caseload. Securely storing the evidence online allows every party involved in a case the opportunity to review content anytime, and anywhere.

They simply log in with the desktop in the office, or even on a laptop when they’re off-site and need to access the entire collection of digital evidence in a case file. There’s no longer a wait time, and that means it’s faster than ever to help move a case along and present the evidence to the court.


Evidence for Faster Trial Resolution

With so much trauma surrounding sexual assault cases, the sooner we can address these crimes, the better. The Lutech colposcopes help mitigate that stress for everyone involved. Now, with our Digital Evidence Cloud Solution, the process is even more streamlined.

Law enforcement and child advocacy groups all across the country rely on the iRecord audio video recording solutions for accurate, high-quality interview evidence. The new Lutech colposcopes are just another offering for the most challenging criminal investigations.

If your SART team or SANE facility is ready for a better solution for recording your forensic evidence, we can help. You only have one opportunity to gather the most important evidence for a case. Let’s help you design the right system that will empower you to serve your clients in the right way.

Our suite of recording and digital evidence management solutions can help give your staff peace of mind that you’ll be capturing reliable evidence every time. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We’re always ready to schedule a consultation on how your facility can move forward with more intuitive technology!

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