One Intelligent Recording Solution Hits Go on Improved Call Recording 

In the split seconds it takes for an incident to escalate into tragedy, chaos often ensues. Victims don’t always come forward right away and gathering evidence sometimes takes weeks. In those moments, communication is critical, but not always clear. We love sharing what other organizations are doing to step in the gap, and one feature—mobile […]

More Interview Room Solutions on the Market

More police departments have been taking the step to update their interview rooms, including having top of the line digital and audio recording systems and evidence management systems like iRecord’s. Specifically, law enforcement officers are finding that going seamless in their storage platforms is only making workflow and process run even more smoothly. We love to […]

Body-Worn Cameras Protect Lawbreakers and Law Enforcers

Cameras are becoming as commonplace as cell phones because most phones have a camera application nowadays, and they have introduced a new level of accountability when it comes to enforcing the law. Learn more on some ways that body-worn or on-officer cameras can contribute to more positive outcomes. In fact, one of many stories recently […]

It Pays to Upgrade Your Equipment

As legislatures around the country recognize the value in utilizing recorded interviews in the courtroom for criminal cases, and as many states enforce new laws regarding capturing this testimony, organizations from police agencies to EMS services are evaluating timelines and potential for upgrading their equipment. What investigators, lawmakers and enforcers across the US are learning […]

Barrier No Longer: Recording Equipment that’s User-Friendly, Secure, and Reliable

Law enforcement officials have it tough already, keeping criminals off the street, working hard to provide the case and information needed to the courts. Your digital video and audio recording equipment doesn’t have to be a barrier to capturing testimony any longer. Easy to use, secure, and reliable, iRecord provides a solution that fits any […]

Invaluable Value in iRecord’s Digital Recorders

Do you need to have a recording of your telephone conversations for legal, covert or even training purposes? There are many types of digital voice recorders available. There are a variety of recorders on the market, but one stands apart—iRecord’s digital voice recorder. Learn more about features of basic recorders and how iRecord’s device stands […]