Body-Worn Cameras Protect Lawbreakers and Law Enforcers

Body WornCameras are becoming as commonplace as cell phones because most phones have a camera application nowadays, and they have introduced a new level of accountability when it comes to enforcing the law. Learn more on some ways that body-worn or on-officer cameras can contribute to more positive outcomes.

In fact, one of many stories recently published on the value added by body-worn cameras came from Mesa PD from Read the full story A Tale of Two Videos.

When police force becomes necessary, the full story might not be visible if the police officer can’t capture the entire scene, which many times, onlookers or the suspect are unable to do. What’s more, body-worn cameras can reduce the number of citizen complaints against officers as well keep officers in check when it comes to using force.
According to a 12-month study PoliceOne cites, which was conducted by Rialto (Calif.) Police and TASER International, when the agency began experimenting with a body-worn video camera system used in conjunction with they saw a tremendous decline complaints against officers.

The following were five specific “steps” which Mesa PC recognized, making adoption of the technology a no-brainer:

  1. The need for and value of body-worn cameras
  2. Authorization to purchase of a body-worn camera technology
  3. Creation of policies, procedures, and training for body-worn cameras
  4. Establishment of viable, working relationships with the local media
  5. Release of the video of this incident to at least one media contact

Where is your agency when it comes to evaluating the value and need for body-worn cameras, digital audio and video equipment and more?

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We want to help your agency not only keep criminals off the street but also advocate full story when it comes to your own. This can only be achieved if both sides of the story are recorded.

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