Barrier No Longer: Recording Equipment that’s User-Friendly, Secure, and Reliable


Law enforcement officials have it tough already, keeping criminals off the street, working hard to provide the case and information needed to the courts. Your digital video and audio recording equipment doesn’t have to be a barrier to capturing testimony any longer. Easy to use, secure, and reliable, iRecord provides a solution that fits any force’s needs.

Big barriers to your case closing may span the spectrum when it comes to your recording equipment. While some equipment on the market offers excellent quality and playback, the complex proprietary nature within the program makes it overly complex when it comes to sharing your recording

Your challenge may not be sharing recordings with your team or the prosecution, but with navigating your software when it comes to finding the recording(s) you need.

Or perhaps your barriers to efficiency include a lack of time and date stamps, remaining space indicators, or a user manual hundreds of pages long.

Don’t let these or other barriers stand in the way of getting the bad guys off the street.

What barriers do you face when it comes to working with your digital audio and video equipment? We challenge you to share your equipment with us. We guarantee it can’t outperform ours.

More importantly, we guarantee we can save you the headaches and complexities that come with equipment that isn’t the best in user-friendliness, security and reliability.

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