It Pays to Upgrade Your Equipment

As legislatures around the country recognize the value in utilizing recorded interviews in the courtroom for criminal cases, and as many states enforce new laws regarding capturing this testimony, organizations from police agencies to EMS services are evaluating timelines and potential for upgrading their equipment.

What investigators, lawmakers and enforcers across the US are learning is that even if a grant doesn’t exist yet (and many do) to help organizations upgrade, the cost is well worth it.

Several NY Police Agencies received $700,000 to share to upgrade recording equipment, which involved not only the equipment itself but also support to cover training and development of protocols to adopt and use the equipment.

it paysGovernor Cuomo, in the fall of 2013, when the story emerged, explained that “New York State is giving local law enforcement the resources they need to enhance the integrity, fairness and effectiveness of our criminal justice system,” Governor Cuomo said.

New York is one of many states across the country which has placed importance on getting equipment into the hands of its agencies because of the power of video recorded interrogations as evidence in court.

According to DCJS Executive Deputy Commissioner Michael C. Green, “Audio and video recording of interviews of suspects on serious cases is a powerful tool to help hold those who commit serious crimes responsible for their conduct and at the same time help prevent wrongful convictions.”

What’s more, Governor Cuomo has noted that “The practice of video recording interrogations helps prevent wrongful convictions and at the same time, protects investigators from false allegations. These grants will provide an important and recognized tool to law enforcement agencies that will help better protect our communities.”

Here are a couple sites that may help with finding funding for your local law enforcement offices:

Strategies to Find Funding for Officer Training Resources

Law Enforcement Grants Guide to Obtaining Law Enforcement Grants

United States Department of Justice: Grants

And even if your agency isn’t able to procure grant money in time to support adoption of audio and video recording equipment, study after study is showing that use of video and audio equipment to record interrogations, interviews and witness testimony is playing a significant role in speeding up trials, obtaining accurate information and reducing wrongful convictions and false confessions.

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