More Interview Room Solutions on the Market

More police departments have been taking the step to update their interview rooms, including having top of the line digital and audio recording systems and evidence management systems like iRecord’s. Specifically, law enforcement officers are finding that going seamless in their storage platforms is only making workflow and process run even more smoothly.

We love to spotlight the best of the best when it comes to equipment that helps law enforcement do their jobs better. TASER International’s new interview room appliance which removes the need for disc storage completely is one of these.

The press release from TASER International explained that the company is expanding its AXON Platform with the new interview room solution. According to the release,

The Axon Interview includes a dedicated interview room appliance that works in parallel with HD cameras and microphones to give the best possible video and audio quality and ultimately allows police to conduct interviews more efficiently. For $99 per month, agencies receive unlimited data storage for each camera installed as part of the Axon Interview solution. The hardware and installation fees vary by size and scale of the department.

No More Need for a Disc!

For those who are already using digital audio and video recording equipment, the need to have to use a disc for sharing purposes has been an annoying at best problem. The interview room solution by TASER allows departments to work that much more efficiently with what is referred to as seamless case sharing. Rather than “spending hours burning discs and running stuff around” customers can let go of some of the complicated technology side and plug in to the data source of their choice to send and share recorded content. You can read more about this solution by clicking here.

Maximize Your Workflow with iRecord

iRecord stands behind seamless workflows and maximized efficiency as well. Our own evidence vault management system provides customers with solutions that allow them to easily categorize, store and retrieve any interview from your desktop PC.

In fact, the iRecord open architecture allows up to develop systems that are specific to each customer’s unique environment. The combination of cutting edge technology with a dedicated development staff allows iRecord to be responsive needs as they arise in the marketplace.

We invite you to contact us today to discuss a custom development project that will extend the iRecord functionality within your environment. Let’s talk if we haven’t yet or fill out this form to get a free demo of our product!

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