Invaluable Value in iRecord’s Digital Recorders

Do you need to have a recording of your telephone conversations for legal, covert or even training purposes? There are many types of digital voice recorders available. There are a variety of recorders on the market, but one stands apart—iRecord’s digital voice recorder.

Learn more about features of basic recorders and how iRecord’s device stands out.

Some digital voice recorders that are small and will record up to thirty-five hours and can be used not only with your phone, but your Mp3, FM stereo radio, cell phone or phone recorder. These may be voice activated and include information such as:

    • Date
    • Time stamp
    • Flash memory
    • A/C adaptor
    • Continuous recording features

While a novice might be happy pulling any device off the shelf, when it comes to the professionals, this approach simply isn’t acceptable. Yet, many in law enforcement are using less than accurate or overcomplicated tools. What’s more, many of them aren’t even aware that of the top-notch products like iRecord’s are available!

So what can iRecord’s digital devices do?

In short, anything the investigator needs when it comes to recording audio or video.

What investigators are really interested in when it comes to digital recording equipment is ease, reliability and security.

iRecord’s product is 100% mobile. Apps for tablets, phones and other devices are customized to capture the type of digital material you need. Software and hardware designed for interrogation rooms is extremely simple to use—push-of-the-button simple.

And when it comes to sharing information with prosecutors and other officials, the investigator’s job has never been easier. iRecord’s system allows for simple download, CD burning and email without the need to navigator or convert from complicated proprietary configurations.

If you are an investigator or work with a team of investigators or other covert professionals, you should take a few moments to watch what our product does.

Contact us today for a product demo or to learn more about how iRecord can simplify your job, but more importantly, help you close more cases more quickly.

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