One Intelligent Recording Solution Hits Go on Improved Call Recording 

In the split seconds it takes for an incident to escalate into tragedy, chaos often ensues. Victims don’t always come forward right away and gathering evidence sometimes takes weeks. In those moments, communication is critical, but not always clear. We love sharing what other organizations are doing to step in the gap, and one feature—mobile recording—released by HigherGround for their Capture911 call recording solution offers a major improvement to intelligent recording.

Thought it’s a little over six months since its release, the new features that the Capture911 call recording solution delivers include improvements in speech analytics and mobile recording, both areas critical to quality and reliable recording for those in the field.

What do these two improvements offer?

The call recording tool enables more intelligent recording and incident reconstruction in emergency dispatch facilities according to the report.

The speech analytics feature now enables opportunities that were before impossible. Firt, all recorded interactions are converted into text. From there the system is able to index all of the interactions captured in order to pinpoint trends, meaningful phrases and specific words into a word cloud or topic list—both which enable better visualization for the analyst and translates into improved user satisfaction and dispatcher performance.

The mobile recording improvements allows the recording of both inbound and outbound calls from mobile devices as well as any other metadata present. Uploads are quick and remotely enabled and interactions are able to be viewed, replayed and analyzed with ease.

When it comes to safety and response times in the community iRecord is excited to see what tech-based solutions other organizations are developing that create a positive community impact. These advantages offered by this product has the propensity to improve communication and safety for citizens as well as improved communication for members of law enforcement, EMS, operators, dispatchers and first responders.

iRecord offers several cutting edge audio and video recording tools which also create a positive impact on communities by offering high quality audio and video capture both in house and on the go in the form of tablets. These products also interface with all iRecord systems, including evidence vault management systems and iRecord interview room equipment.

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