Be on the Cutting Edge and Harness Cutting Edge Tech in the Field

Interviewing and investigations are changing as technology evolves.  Set the example and make changes now before they’re mandated. You can do this with technology built by investigators for investigators. Regardless of which state your law enforcement department is, iRecord is set up to meet federal and state mandates in recording. Top iRecord features include: ONE […]

Body-Worn Cameras Protect Lawbreakers and Law Enforcers

Cameras are becoming as commonplace as cell phones because most phones have a camera application nowadays, and they have introduced a new level of accountability when it comes to enforcing the law. Learn more on some ways that body-worn or on-officer cameras can contribute to more positive outcomes. In fact, one of many stories recently […]

From Crime Scene to Trial

From crime scene to trial child abuse cases require a series of specific approaches and techniques to capture testimony from the child, suspect(s) and witness(es). And around the country, teams of professionals involved in bringing these crimes to closure are coming together to participate and hold training sessions in what is called the “From Crime […]

It Pays to Upgrade Your Equipment

As legislatures around the country recognize the value in utilizing recorded interviews in the courtroom for criminal cases, and as many states enforce new laws regarding capturing this testimony, organizations from police agencies to EMS services are evaluating timelines and potential for upgrading their equipment. What investigators, lawmakers and enforcers across the US are learning […]

Under 25, Juvenile Suspects are a Vulnerable Demographic

Numerous studies have been released in the past decade discussing juvenile brain development and the fact that until 25, key areas of judgment, discernment and decision-making are incomplete. The implications are enormous across the spectrum of applications—considering how many significant decisions many youth make during this time, from marriage, to college selection to financial commitments […]

Surveillance and Interview: What’s the Difference and Why it Matters

Two signs of the same coin some say, but how similar are the functions and can you close cases using the same equipment? In short, you might want to rethink the box when it comes to private investigation and the tools you use to conduct surveillance and interviews. Private investigation requires a lot of work […]

More than a Magnifying Glass: Private Investigation Equipment Today

Private investigation has gone a long way since the days of Sherlock Holmes. Today, however, the array of private investigation equipment extends far beyond what one can fit in a bag. Here are some examples of private investigation equipment: 1) Surveillance equipment – Surveillance occupies most of the private investigator’s time. That is why this […]

Law Enforcement and Evidence—the Truth about How It’s Handled

Law enforcers’ jobs extend to far more than pulling over drunk drivers or issuing speeding tickets, although those might be the first duties you think of when the job description comes to mind. In fact, one of the police officer’s primary jobs is to ensure that evidence is collected, shared, and used to close a […]