Be on the Cutting Edge and Harness Cutting Edge Tech in the Field

Interviewing and investigations are changing as technology evolves.  Set the example and make changes now before they’re mandated. You can do this with technology built by investigators for investigators. Regardless of which state your law enforcement department is, iRecord is set up to meet federal and state mandates in recording.

Top iRecord features include:

  • ONE TOUCH Recording and VHS-style controls make operation SIMPLE.
  • Greater versatility and more time saving features than an off the shelf DVR.
  • Simple “Pie Chart” shows instantly how much space remains on recorder
  • Volume and speed control during playback of a recording.
  • Automatic delivery through a LAN or WAN
  • Automatically time-and-date stamp user text annotations that allows user to skip directly to important parts of interview
  • Easily find specific sections of an interview by searching for specific words or information in individual recordings

In addition to the “ONE TOUCH” recording controls that are simple and user-friendly, iRecord is designed to operate without disrupting established operating procedures. Once recorded, the digital media is stored on smaller, more reliable optical media rather than “bulky” audio or video tapes, ensuring a complete and accurate recording of excellent quality.

Check out more on how iRecord provides feature-rich, highly mobile recording. You can begin utilizing top notch solutions for your law enforcement agency right away. Talk to us if you’re ready today.

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