From Crime Scene to Trial

From crime scene to trial child abuse cases require a series of specific approaches and techniques to capture testimony from the child, suspect(s) and witness(es). And around the country, teams of professionals involved in bringing these crimes to closure are coming together to participate and hold training sessions in what is called the “From Crime Scene to Trial” course.

from crimeThe first of these, held in Bentonville, Arizona, set a promise of future success. With hands-on, real life training, investigators are getting access and training time working on child abuse scenarios, which will help the same investigators sharpen their skills for the real thing.

You can watch a clip on the news coverage for the event here.

Stephanie Smith is the regional director for the center in Bentonville, where the first course was held, and explains that:

“It’s essential for people who are doing this work to understand the nuances and understand how to do a proper interrogation, why it is so essential to get details from the child in the forensic interview or details from other witnesses. Why the prosecutors sometimes say ‘I don’t have enough to file the charge you want me to file.’”

Smith also explains that “when teams come together, they share and present how they came to their conclusions. This will help other professionals look at a child abuse situations differently, and therefore build stronger cases.”

The next three courses will be held in New Mexico, Maryland and Minnesota respectively. Check out the information below for more details.

National ChildFirst™ Forensic Interview Training – May 12-16 in Las Cruces, NM

When Words Matter – June 2-5 in Baltimore, MD

Forensic Interviewer at Trial – June 16-18 in St. Paul, MN

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