Surveillance and Interview: What’s the Difference and Why it Matters

Two signs of the same coin some say, but how similar are the functions and can you close cases using the same equipment? In short, you might want to rethink the box when it comes to private investigation and the tools you use to conduct surveillance and interviews.

Private investigation requires a lot of work in terms of investigation. Of course, most people are familiar with two of the things involved in private investigation: surveillance and interview.


As a part of an investigation, a private investigator is often required to keep watch over a certain subject and observe his or her movements. This often helps in solving cases since most people do surprising things when they think that no one is watching. Of course, proper surveillance requires that a private investigator work odd hours. He or she must remain vigilant and take note of any activity which may have relevance to the case.


Interviews are also a crucial part of private investigation as a person may be able to reveal crucial facts through them. Interviews are very important since many people involved in a case may not realize that they are holding a piece of the puzzle inside their heads. Through interviews, a private investigator may be able to get those pieces together and actually solve the puzzle.

Whether you are a private investigator, detective or another member of law enforcement, you should be thinking about how your unit handles surveillance and interviews.

Consider the following benefits to iRecord audio and video recording systems:

    • Turnkey solution to record, store and play back interviews.
    • One page recording user manual means NO COMPUTER EXPERIENCE NECESSARY TO OPERATE.
    • CD/DVD storage media eliminates difficulties associate with storing cassette or VHS tapes over long periods of time.
    • No extensive IT support required to implement.
    • Using CD/DVD storage means no more lost interviews from broken or damaged tapes.
    • No more rewinding or fast-forwarding tapes!
    • Notes taken individually are private to each recording.
    • Easily find specific sections of an interview by searching for specific words or information in individual recordings.

Choosing to use equipment that wasn’t built for capturing interviews or using equipment that is not compatible with other covert manufactured goods can cost you time, resources and worse, a case.

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