Conduct Covert Interviews More Effectively, More Professionally

Conducting interviews is a critical part of the evidence gathering process in crime scene investigation, and capturing this information on record is key to moving forward. Getting you information effectively can sometimes be a challenge, however. More Effective Interviews iRecord is at the leading edge of connecting with time saving and efficient tools that can […]

Top Benefits to Cloud Adoption in Law Enforcement

Why are police agencies across the country considering and moving to cloud technologies to handle digital evidence? We spent the first quarter of 2015 traveling from city to city with Microsoft, the leading provider of cloud solutions for law enforcement, and we want to share the primary benefits you will gain when it comes to […]

What Law Enforcement Leaders are Talking About—Top 6 Trends

What are the issues in the minds of police officers, law enforcement and the public which engages with police on a daily basis? Here is a list of six issues we’ve spotted that are highly popular now. Police Shootings: In the wake of heated debate about police abuse of powers after a few high profile […]

We in Law Enforcement Need Best Practices for Cloud Implementation

Do you want to be part of a nationwide conversation among law enforcement officials about moving to the Cloud? iRecord is conducting “fireside chats” with key industry professionals and thought leaders on the topic of moving to cloud-based solutions (specifically the Microsoft Azure Government cloud). The cloud platform is designed to meet US government demands, […]

Four Rules of Evidence Every Law Enforcement Official Should Know

With the number of digital images and videos being captured today by law enforcement and everyday citizens, it’s critical that law enforcement officials follow the rules of evidence in order to ensure that the pains they take to record convert into admissible evidence. Many pieces have been written on the rise of technology and its […]

Transparency and Technology Can Work Together

Public perception of law enforcement can be negative for the wrong reasons. Although policing efforts have expanded in the past two decades to include proactive strategies, many times the public only focuses on the misses or the losses in the game. Today, there is a lot of conversation about accountability, federal oversight, and transparency. Liam […]

No Technology Adoption Decision Should Be Made Lightly

There has been a lot of talk about leveraging technology to improve policing in law enforcement and with great cause. The rise of technology and the solutions it has introduced would have staggered us just a few years ago. Nonetheless, agencies and departments should not adopt carelessly nor thoughtlessly. Know Your Needs from a Broad […]

Where Big Data is Big in Law Enforcement

Collaboration via solutions delivered by big data has grown from sounding futuristic to its current buzz across industries. Not surprisingly, it’s no less important in law enforcement than in business, healthcare or other industries. In law enforcement the question is how to harness the power of big data and what it can do to help […]

Tablets are the New Direction in the Digital Age for Law Enforcement

As industry after industry takes the digital dive, the demand for mobile tools that will improve productivity and efficiency grows. In law enforcement, a lightweight tablet in the hands of an officer means big gains. How so? You may be surprised. A recent article from Microsoft demonstrated how police in several parts of the world […]

Agencies Endorse Recording Interviews Once They’ve Tried It

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s been my experience that a video is worth ten thousand.” – Clackamas County, Oregon Sheriff’s Office When it comes to interviews, police and suspects can both have their words and conduct analyzed in a court room. While everyone would like to portray themselves in the best […]