How to Compare Forensic Interview Recording Equipment

Any organization’s investment into new technology should be handled with caution. The budget needs to be protected, and directing funds to a faulty system isn’t an option. This is especially true for public safety agencies and their new forensic interview recording equipment. With concerns regarding compliance and so much on the line for collecting reliable, […]

Get to the Truth with New Interview Room Recording Equipment

Reducing crime is an ongoing battle. It also requires a team effort between our legal system and law enforcement. In order to get to the truth, public safety has to provide the most accurate evidence possible for the court to review. The Value of Interview Evidence Our justice system places great importance on physical evidence. […]

The iRecord System Difference: Recent Client Success Recap

Over the years, iRecord has proudly partnered with law enforcement, child advocacy centers, and other organizations needing a simple, one-touch solution to start and stop their critical audio video recordings. Reviewing the highlights from these recent projects can help you discover the power of iRecord for yourself—and the custom benefits we can create for your […]

Law Enforcement Interview Room Recording Equipment Overview

Everyone needs the right tools for the job, and when it comes to documenting evidence for the court, there’s really no room for error. Our public service professionals work hard to connect with both victims and suspects to secure interview evidence. But when their agency’s law enforcement interview room recording equipment isn’t reliable, whether from […]

4 Steps for a Better Interrogation Room Setup

In order to collect accurate interview evidence, you need to conduct the interview in an appropriate environment, with modern and reliable recording equipment. Unfortunately, too many agencies are missing the mark and have overlooked some of the key steps for structuring their onsite interview room appropriately. Reviewing this simplified version of what the process should […]

Interview Recording Equipment to Support the Victim Testimony Process

Gathering a clear, concise, and honest victim testimony is critical for every case within our criminal justice system. The prosecution needs to have all of the facts, and it’s up to public safety professionals to ensure that victim testimonies are complete and readily available for the court to review. Access to audio video recordings allows […]

The Real Police Interview Room Camera System Priorities

The days of basic audio cassette recordings for interview evidence are far behind us. Now, agencies need more intentional designs for their police interview room camera system. It’s not just about setting up a camera on a tripod, though. Paying attention to the key priorities helps ensure that you’ll deliver court-admissible evidence every time. High-Quality […]

3 Benefits of Digital Recordings for Suspect Interviews

Agencies need a process for documenting their suspect interviews that’s both accurate and reliable. This type of evidence is a critical component of any case. Whether the result is to exonerate the innocent—or gather the necessary information for a guilty ruling—the court relies on suspect interviews in the pursuit of justice. That’s why digital evidence […]

Recording Devices for Interviews—Onsite vs Going Mobile

Knowing exactly how your recording device for interviews will perform helps ensure that every investigation is conducted as efficiently as possible. And with today’s advancements with recording technology, public safety professionals need to be aware of the different solution options available today. You don’t necessarily need to conduct all of your interviews onsite! Modernize Your […]