The iRecord System Difference: Recent Client Success Recap

Over the years, iRecord has proudly partnered with law enforcement, child advocacy centers, and other organizations needing a simple, one-touch solution to start and stop their critical audio video recordings. Reviewing the highlights from these recent projects can help you discover the power of iRecord for yourself—and the custom benefits we can create for your own team!


Marion County Sheriff’s Office

Interview Room & DEMS Upgrade for Indianapolis Public Safety Agency

Moving to a new facility presented a unique opportunity for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. The Indianapolis-based agency had already been working with an iRecord system for years—and that older equipment was still reliable—but they were still eager to get an upgrade.

Connecting with the iRecord Cloud gave the agency an easy way to store their evidence securely. In addition, their new digital evidence management solution has allowed them to streamline how they share evidence. Now it only takes a few clicks to provide the information that the courts or prosecution are requesting for a case. They’re also able to quickly share evidence with collaborating agencies too.

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Sylvia’s Child Advocacy Center

Discreet Interview Recording Equipment for Testimonials

Agencies only have one chance to record a testimonial. And for child advocacy centers, there’s the added challenge of speaking with kids who can be soft-spoken and shy. For these types of sensitive cases, it’s even more critical that those recordings include every nuance of the conversation. Fortunately, a new iRecord system gives Sylvia’s CAC in Boone County, Indiana the equipment they need to consistently deliver court-admissible interview evidence.

Installing a powerful, modern microphone and discrete, high-definition cameras allows the team to document every single word and body language cue from the children they interview. What’s more, they finally have equipment that’s reliable! After dealing with the devastation of recording malfunctions, the agency now has a solution that they can actually trust.

Read the complete Sylvia’s Child Advocacy Center Case Study to learn more.


CAC of Suffolk County

Simultaneous Recording for Interview Evidence Translations

In 2021, our engineers at iRecord were able to solve an interesting recording setback that was costing the CAC of Suffolk County precious time and resources.

The organization is based in the Boston, Massachusetts area and serves a diverse population with various primary languages. Rather than spend extra time in a second recording session for the interview evidence translations, they requested a tool that would let them record simultaneous audio—both within the interview room, as well as in the facility’s observation room, where a translator could create a live English translation.

Since this type of solution didn’t exist, the iRecord team got to work building a double-recording system from scratch. Like the original iRecord setup, it still uses a single device for easy adoption. But even better, now that we’ve developed this solution, we can implement simultaneous audio recordings for any agency to have live translations!

Read the complete CAC of Suffolk County Case Study to learn more.


Public safety agencies of all sizes count on iRecord to develop the best interview recording capture system for their facility. If you’re looking for a custom solution, iRecord is here to help.

We’d love to discover how we can improve the recording process for your team and interview rooms. Along the way, we can also discuss your options for a new DEMS system and Cloud Solution. Just send us a message, then we can schedule a time to talk about your own successful project!

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