The Real Police Interview Room Camera System Priorities

The days of basic audio cassette recordings for interview evidence are far behind us. Now, agencies need more intentional designs for their police interview room camera system. It’s not just about setting up a camera on a tripod, though. Paying attention to the key priorities helps ensure that you’ll deliver court-admissible evidence every time.

High-Quality Recordings with a Two-Camera Setup

Courts and agencies today agree that the most accurate interview evidence comes from audio video recordings. Even though this isn’t a requirement for every state, there’s no denying that being able to review every aspect of the interview subject’s body language provides greater insight into an investigation. This is why the two-camera setup is so critical.

Working with HD cameras is also a priority, and this hardware needs to be strategically installed in the room to record both the subject’s facial expressions, as well as their body. Not only does this help tell the “full story” of the interview, it also serves as a protective measure for law enforcement. No agency wants their methods of interrogations to be questioned. When their recordings show that the subject is safe, secure, and speaking without being under duress, there should never be any doubt that the interview was conducted appropriately

Every police interview room camera system needs two-camera viewpoints in order to have the most accurate evidence possible. Obviously a detective’s training and experience comes into play, but the two-camera room layout is the foundation for any high-quality and reliable interview recording.

Synchronized Audio for Your Police Interview Room Camera System

With only one chance to record the evidence, detectives also need a fail-proof solution for recording their audio. The best police interview room camera system solutions will have the microphones and cameras working in harmony.

Once again, this equipment must be professionally installed according to the interview room’s layout. It also needs to be high-quality. The proper placement of your microphones can help everyone feel more confident that no detail will be missed. The prosecution and court should never be left guessing what was said during the course of the interview. Every word and phrase—even from a soft-spoken person—will need to be recorded.

Fortunately, today’s audio video recording equipment allows agencies to achieve exactly that. iRecord’s process for identifying and installing this hardware has been proven to dramatically minimize the concerns related to audio recordings. We’re proud to report that agencies all across the country tell us that their audio has never been clearer once their new iRecord system is up and running. And with so much on the line, we wouldn’t want them to expect any less.

iRecord Guides the Process from Start to Finish!

Our mission is to serve and protect the law enforcement agencies that protect and serve our communities. Your police interview room camera system can make all the difference against civil liabilities and bringing the truth to light.

As your officers work tirelessly to uphold justice, we’re here to help ensure that your investigation process goes as smoothly as possible for your interview evidence recordings.

Whether your agency is retrofitting an existing building or you’re building a new facility from the ground up, our experience can guide you through every stage of a modern interview room design. To learn more about these priorities and to continue the conversation, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. We’d be honored to show your agency the difference our solutions can make for your peace of mind!

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