Interview Recording Equipment to Support the Victim Testimony Process

Gathering a clear, concise, and honest victim testimony is critical for every case within our criminal justice system. The prosecution needs to have all of the facts, and it’s up to public safety professionals to ensure that victim testimonies are complete and readily available for the court to review.

Access to audio video recordings allows the court to examine this evidence as many times as necessary, which means that an agency’s interview recording equipment itself needs to be reliable. Yet there are other factors in play, as well. In order to truly support victims, agencies need to have a recording solution that serves the victim’s best interests and wellbeing. Otherwise we risk not hearing their whole story.

Designing Your Interview Room as a “Neutral Zone” for Victims

The victims affected by a criminal investigation have experienced trauma to varying degrees. Unfortunately, the process of collecting a testimonial can often introduce additional stress, but taking certain approaches for the interview process can work to mitigate those risks.

Both law enforcement agencies and child advocacy groups need to give special attention to their interview room setups. Part of this will include how your interview recording equipment functions within the room itself. For example, opting for covert cameras is an easy way to take some of the pressure off the situation for victims—especially for children.

It’s human nature to feel a little nervous while being “on camera,” and it’s only natural to feel even more uncomfortable when we’re acutely aware of being recorded while sharing a personal testimonial. To help put their interview subjects more at ease, many agencies rely on a two-camera setup that is discreet.

Specialty Vehicles for Mobile Interview Recording Equipment

Another option for agencies looking to simplify the testimonial process for victims is to take their interview recording equipment on the road. When your interview room can travel, your interview subjects won’t need to have the added worries of arranging their own travel plans to reach your agency’s permanent facility. You simply drive to them.

iRecord proudly partners with the Specialty Vehicles Division of Winnebago Industries to design and build custom vehicles to operate as mobile recording sites. These vehicles include everything that a typical onsite interview recording room and facility would offer:

  • Private interview recording room
  • Separate observation room
  • Guest waiting area
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Storage, workspaces, and more

Working with a mobile command center is arguably the best solution for easing the trouble for a victim to share their testimony. If your agency is ready to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact the iRecord team!

Find the Recording Solutions You Need—with iRecord

Agencies nationwide have chosen to partner with iRecord because our interview recording equipment serves their needs both onsite and on-the-go. Whether you need to build your interview room from the ground up at a new facility, or you need an easier way to reach the populations you serve with a specialty vehicle, we are here to help!

Please contact us to schedule a consultation. From there, we can introduce you to the iRecord software and our latest cloud portal digital evidence management solution. Everything we offer is easily customized to meet the unique needs of any public safety agency.

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