Law Enforcement Interview Room Recording Equipment Overview

Everyone needs the right tools for the job, and when it comes to documenting evidence for the court, there’s really no room for error. Our public service professionals work hard to connect with both victims and suspects to secure interview evidence. But when their agency’s law enforcement interview room recording equipment isn’t reliable, whether from a technical recording failure or a malfunction with the digital storage, even their best efforts could end up getting completely ignored by the court.

Modern Equipment for LE Interview Rooms

The right interview room setup can help protect agencies from experiencing the terrible impacts of having their evidence rejected by the court. Working with outdated audio video recording equipment simply isn’t an option. Many agencies are due for an equipment upgrade. In addition to a powerful microphone system that consistently records every phrase and word, agencies should only consider solutions that include, at minimum, the following equipment features and hardware:

  • 1080p HD Resolution with IP Cameras
  • Simple Remote Start/Stop Switch
  • Dual Cameras for Redundant Recording
  • Picture-in-Picture/Split Screen Options
  • Real-Time RTSP HD Live Monitoring
  • Chain of Custody Tracking
  • Bookmarking
  • Non-Proprietary Files

Of course, these functions are just the tip of the iceberg. Agencies today also need to adopt a robust digital evidence management system (DEMS). Moreover, the solutions provider for any law enforcement interview room recording equipment upgrade should be able to handle all aspects of the design layout and installation from start to finish.

Bringing Your Digital Evidence to the Cloud

Every agency understands the fear of losing a piece of interview evidence. Because there is only one opportunity to record this evidence, any possibility of not being able to submit it to the court is incredibly risky. Every piece of evidence must be considered in order to reach a just resolution. That’s why new law enforcement interview room recording equipment needs to have a solid way to keep digital evidence safe and secure, as well as redundant.

Fortunately, cloud storage—and more specifically, a collaborative DEMS cloud portal—works to eliminate the risks of a lost interview. Even better, going with the cloud solution from iRecord helps agencies stay organized and speed up the process of sharing interview evidence with the prosecution and other investigators.

With iRecord, approved parties are able to log in to the cloud portal from anywhere they’re working. Since the case information is all securely saved online, you no longer need to copy files to USB drives to share digital evidence. Parties can easily access the information remotely, at any time of day. As soon as the interview is complete, it’s automatically uploaded to the portal. That way, all of the parties involved in the case will be able to review the evidence immediately, from their own location.

The Trusted Source for Law Enforcement Interview Room Recording Equipment

Our mission at iRecord is to serve the unique needs of the public safety industry by offering custom solutions for their DEMS and interview recording technology. Not only do we help consult on the room layout itself, we can manage all aspects of the installation. Our team also provides ongoing support, both remotely and in-person to ensure that your law enforcement interview room recording equipment is serving your team as it should. If you’re ready for a better solution, we can help!

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