Recording Devices for Interviews—Onsite vs Going Mobile

Knowing exactly how your recording device for interviews will perform helps ensure that every investigation is conducted as efficiently as possible. And with today’s advancements with recording technology, public safety professionals need to be aware of the different solution options available today. You don’t necessarily need to conduct all of your interviews onsite!

Modernize Your Agency’s Onsite Recording Device for Interviews

The pursuit of justice never stops. Across the nation, law enforcement agencies and child advocacy centers work tirelessly to ensure that our communities are safe and that our citizens can thrive. Whether it’s an interrogation with a suspect, or interviews with the victim and witnesses associated with the case, agencies benefit from having a designated space in their facility to digitally record their interview evidence.

That being said, not every room is appropriate for the interview process. Your onsite recording device for interviews needs to adhere to a specific set of best practices. In order for agencies to deliver the most accurate evidence to the court, the equipment must be reliable. What’s more, the room’s setup needs to be professional. Selecting the right furniture and working with consistent, modern hardware is key.

Going with a two-camera setup is the best course of action. When being used as the recording device for interviews, this equipment should always be high-definition. The cameras also need to be seamlessly integrated with your room’s microphones.

Unfortunately, too many agencies are still working with outdated equipment and physical recordings. Reaching out to a digital evidence management solutions (DEMS) provider can help your team discover the ways to efficiently improve your recording methods for high-quality audio video evidence.

Today’s Options for Mobile and Remote Interview Evidence Recordings

The technology available today also makes it possible for agencies to conduct interviews anywhere, even at a moment’s notice. The latest developments are fantastic tools to help manage caseloads effectively because you aren’t restricted to staying on-site.

Mobile recording solutions can function one of two ways. You can either have the flexibility of a hand-held system and utilize a tablet recording device for interviews, or you can equip your agency with a complete interview recording setup on-wheels!

Specialty vehicles give teams the true all-in-one solution they need to gather interview evidence more conveniently than ever before. You can meet witnesses at the scene of a crime or even travel to remote areas when your interview subjects may not be able to make it to your facility on their own. There really aren’t any limits. It’s just all about partnering with an experienced solutions provider.

Find Your Agency’s Suite of Solutions with iRecord!

Public safety agencies across the country trust iRecord to deliver both their onsite and mobile recording device for interviews. If your agency has been struggling with poor-quality audio video, lost interview evidence, or just a cumbersome recording system overall, then it’s time for an upgrade. We’re here to help!

Our solutions stand out because they’re specifically-designed for LE and CAC teams. Not only that, they work in harmony with the same software and cloud storage portals, whether you’re recording onsite or on-the-go. With iRecord, it doesn’t matter how you initially recorded the interview, you’ll still be able to access the content through the same online portal.

Please contact us to schedule a quick consultation. Let our suite of solutions equip your agency with the options that make the most sense for the way you work—whether that’s a new recording device for interviews taking place at a remote location, or right in your own building.

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