iRecord Case Study: Marion County Sheriff’s Office

In order to streamline their process for securing and sharing their interview evidence, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office in Indianapolis, Indiana proudly upgraded to a modern iRecord interview recording solution in 2022.

This article serves as a quick introduction to their project. For more information on the agency’s partnership and benefits with iRecord, please download the complete iRecord Case Study: Marion County Sheriff’s Office. Then check out their video testimonial—it’s a great way to see their new facility and recording solution in action!

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Recording Interviews at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office

Being able to record every step of the interview process gives the court the comprehensive evidence they need to review a case and reach a resolution. Agencies can’t have any aspect of the interview evidence be left to speculation. That’s one of the reasons why Captain Angela Spayd was so keen to have a better recording process.

“We are regulated by law to audio and video record any interviews involving a criminal investigation, especially when they’re read Miranda rights,” said Spayd. “They prefer that it be audio and video recorded.”

Spayd serves as the captain over criminal investigations for Marion County, and she appreciates how the recording technology, and now digital evidence management, has grown and evolved throughout the 20+ years of her career. Managing physical copies of interview evidence recordings was “never a fun time.” What’s worse, the recording equipment itself tended to be a major distraction for their interview subjects.

“A lot of times when you had set a tape recorder on the desk, they would just stare at the tape recorder the entire time they were talking to you,” said Spayd.

In the past, recording audio alone was enough for the court. But times have changed. Working with high-quality audio video recordings is now a requirement for agencies to deliver the most accurate and reliable evidence to the court. As such, many years back, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office made the switch to a more reliable model.

Now after the celebration of their 200th anniversary, the agency has moved into a brand-new facility. The agency had already been using an iRecord system for years at their previous site, and even though it still functioned, Spayd was happy to learn that Sheriff Forestal would allow them to upgrade their interview recording solution at their new location.

Facility Upgrades and New Interview Recording Solutions

Using iRecord has given the Marion County Sheriff’s Office the best-in-class recording equipment for their interview evidence. There are many reasons why they’re remained loyal to their iRecord solutions over the years, and with their recent move, they were able to make it better than ever.

“At the previous facility, we were in a smaller room,” said Spayd. “All the detectives kind of shared a bullpen office and we had one ‘investigations’ room to do any type of interviews.”

With their upgraded iRecord systems and modern facility layout, they’ve turned their jail and Sheriff’s office into a great model for agencies across the country. Detectives will often visit from other regions to conduct interviews, and according to Spayd, they’re “genuinely glad to hear that we have iRecord in our facility.”

Favorite Features—Read the Full Case Study!

Working with user-friendly technology is a critical part of having a streamlined investigation. For Spayd, that’s exactly how iRecord shines. The easy start/stop feature is convenient and intuitive. What’s more, they aren’t restricted to using strict case numbers for their interviews; iRecord allows them to label their evidence in their own way.

These two features aren’t the only benefits with iRecord, though. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office now has a faster way to securely share their digital evidence, add notes and annotations, and create court-requested redactions. They can even record their interviews on a mobile solution—anytime and anywhere.

To learn more about their favorite features, just download the complete iRecord Case Study: Marion County Sheriff’s Office. Then feel free to message our team at iRecord to see our team can partner with your agency for your own custom solution!

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