Agency Interview Room Recording System—Connections with the Cloud

Suspect interrogations and interviews with victims and witnesses should always be recorded with high-quality audio video equipment. Yet in order for agencies to be truly modern with their approach, having reliable hardware isn’t enough. Working with a new cloud solution makes a significant difference for both efficiency and peace of mind that we’re delivering the most accurate evidence to the court.

The Simple Upgrade for Your Interview Room Recording System

The risks of losing an interview recording are very real without the right storage system in place. And with today’s opportunities for new technology, there’s no reason why public safety professionals should have to worry about those worst-case scenarios. After your agency’s recording hardware is set up correctly, connecting with a secure cloud storage platform could easily become the best possible upgrade for your entire interview room recording system.

Integrating all of your technology means all of your digital evidence can be stored in one place. A good digital evidence management solution (DEMS) that functions with the cloud does exactly that. Even better, it lets you work remotely. With just one upgrade, agencies can improve their interview room recording system from start to finish.

Police DEMS Cloud Integration Benefits

Agencies need to protect their budgets and guard their resources. But in doing so, having to compromise the quality of their work isn’t an option. That’s how cloud storage and a robust cloud portal can help.

Connecting with a DEM solution can reduce the amount of time it takes to sort through evidence and also keep that evidence secure as you grant access to the other parties who need to review the new content for a case. The right cloud portal tool—like the iRecord Cloud Solution, powered by NICE Investigate—gives agencies exactly what they need to work smarter, not harder.

Redundant Storage Lowers Risks – Adopting a solution that integrates with your interview room recording system equipment will essentially eliminate the chance of losing your evidence. The iRecord Cloud Solution ensures that all of your interview evidence recordings are automatically saved to online storage, in the cloud.

Better Organization for Caseloads – When parties can review interview evidence faster, cases can be resolved more quickly. Investing in a cloud storage solution that operates as a portal means all of your digital evidence can be accessed in one place with a single, secure login. Then parties can easily add comments and compare notes that are directly tied to certain timestamps within the interview recording.

Immediate Sharing with Remote Access – Cloud portal solutions help reduce travel time because approved parties will be able to log in to the system through their own internet connection. There’s no need to transfer USB flash drives, which also means you’ll also be reducing public contact.

Discover the iRecord Cloud Solution and Collaboration Portal

The iRecord Cloud Solution makes it safe, easy, and convenient to work through your caseload because it functions as a secure online portal for user-friendly collaboration. Even better, the portal setup means you can work from anywhere and still have all of the evidence management tools within your interview room recording system that you’re used to having at the office.

At iRecord, our team’s sole focus is to serve the public safety industry, and through our cloud portal solution, we’re helping to support agencies of all sizes. Check out our e-book or send us a message to schedule a consultation and discover what our solutions can do for you!

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