Police Cameras for Remote Interview Recordings

Accurate evidence is at the heart of every legal case. On the one hand, we have physical evidence, which certainly has its place. Yet there’s no denying that interview evidence is often the lynchpin for getting to the truth. These conversations help present the human side of the story. But in order to paint the […]

Best Recording Devices for Interviews—Find Your Match

From law enforcement agencies to public safety professionals who are working on some of the most challenging cases—interview evidence makes all the difference. You only get one chance to record those conversations. That’s why teams need to have the right equipment for the job.   Know Your Options: Best Recording Devices for Interviews You need […]

Today’s Options for Interview Room Camera System Solutions

Solutions for law enforcement surveillance cameras provide a handful of benefits. But combining these recordings with carefully collected interview room evidence will offer even more background information for the defense and prosecution teams. Our justice system needs both types of information in order to keep the public safe.   Public Safety Transparency and the Pursuit […]

Solving SANE/SAFE Procedure Challenges with Lutech Colposcopes and iRecord

Streamlined solutions are only as good as their weakest link. So when it comes to the iRecord platform and our technology partners, we know that nothing can get overlooked. The process for gathering the most crucial evidence for sensitive casework needs to efficient, as well as accurate. Having the right systems in place helps ensure […]

What’s the Real Difference with Mobile Law Enforcement Interview Recordings?

Agencies typically record interview evidence on-site, in their private interview rooms. But what about when you need to document evidence for criminal cases on-the-go? A reliable mobile interview recording solution will help ensure your team is never at a disadvantage. For sensitive cases, a mobile system can be a great way to quickly secure the […]

Defining Ease-of-Use for the Interview Recording Process

Knowing how to conduct a productive interview is no easy task. Law enforcement professionals need careful practice to ensure that they follow the strict protocols. With so much on the line, the last thing these teams need is a complicated interview recording process. That’s why at iRecord, we design all of our systems with the […]

Does Your Agency Have the Best Possible Interview Recording Equipment?

When agencies need to record an interview for court-admissible evidence, they know that their setup has to be perfect. You only get one chance to record these videos. If the recording equipment isn’t right, then you might be missing crucial evidence for their case. Law enforcement agencies, child advocacy groups, SANE facilities, and other professionals […]

What Are the Requirements for Interview Recording Equipment?

When shopping for interview recording equipment, there are certain features that need to come standard. Your work can go so much smoother when you have the appropriate setup in place. This quick recap can help your agency build a modern interview room. Your Interview Evidence Recording Requirements Court-admissible interview evidence requires the recording to have […]

Closing the Case with Interview Redactions

Those who serve and protect the best interests of the public understand the value of having a detailed investigation. Getting to the bottom of a case requires careful scrutiny, and gathering evidence is no easy task. Then there’s the matter of presenting that evidence in a clear and concise manner. That’s where redactions can help. […]

iRecord Systems Now Partner with Lutech

We’re proponents of easy-to-use technology here at iRecord. This motivates us during our system developments, and it’s why we choose to partner with certain other technology equipment providers. When looking for a colposcopy option for clients, we knew we couldn’t go wrong with Lutech. Lutech for Sensitive Documentation Colposcopy allows healthcare practitioners to examine the […]