What Each Case Needs for the Best Evidence

There are set rules to follow for every court case. And yet not every case goes according to plan. Without the right types of evidence, law enforcement professionals might question whether justice truly prevailed. That’s why it’s so critical to gather the necessary, accurate information all throughout the investigation process. Put simply, there are two […]

What Agencies Get with an iRecord Anywhere Portable Recording System

Because your interview evidence isn’t always recorded at your agency’s site, it’s important for law enforcement teams to have the flexibility to work in the field, at any time—and any place. With the iRecord Anywhere System, we help detectives get the tools they need to act fast and move the case along by collecting reliable […]

Child Court Appearances and the Case for Interview Recordings

Our public safety professionals have vowed to defend the innocent, so when a minor is involved in an investigation, we all want to make sure they are kept safe. Gathering interview evidence from a child can greatly impact the outcome of a case. But as we work to uphold justice, it’s also important to think […]

How to Announce Your New Interview Room to the Community

Maintaining open channels of communication helps public safety professionals build trust throughout the populations they serve. For any kind of facility improvement project, it’s crucial that law enforcement professionals keep their citizens informed. Being able to provide details on your facility’s interview room upgrades, for example, can be a great way to demonstrate how your […]

Key Considerations for Interview Evidence and Redactions

Interview evidence can be the cornerstone of any criminal trial. As such, these records need to follow strict procedures for court submission—especially for audio video interview evidence. You can’t afford to have your evidence called into question or let essential details get overlooked. That’s why it’s so important to have a streamlined process for securing […]

5 Guidelines to Secure Funds for Your Interview Room

In an ideal world, budget restraints would never affect agencies that are dedicated to protecting the innocent. Yet all too often, child advocacy centers and law enforcement professionals must make sacrifices or postpone upgrades to their sites because the finances aren’t where they need to be. Fortunately, there are plenty of grant funding opportunities to […]

Defining Ease-of-Use for the Interview Recording Process

Knowing how to conduct a productive interview is no easy task. Law enforcement professionals need careful practice to ensure that they follow the strict protocols. With so much on the line, the last thing these teams need is a complicated interview recording process. That’s why at iRecord, we design all of our systems with the […]

How iRecord Works: Protect, Serve, and Solve

Upgrading to a modern interview room with the correct recording equipment is a serious investment for any agency. That’s why our philosophy at iRecord is to work with clients in the most efficient way possible. We know you can’t afford to have anything but the best for recording and securing your interview information. At the […]

How Colposcopes Benefit SART-Medical Patient Exams

The sensitive work of a SART-medical exam facility leaves no room for error. Documenting patient status soon after the incident can often be the most important part of a criminal case. Of course, keeping this process as comfortable as possible can be a challenge. These individuals have already experienced trauma, and being in a new […]