2023 Funding Opportunities for Law Enforcement and Violence Prevention

Budgetary restraints can make it incredibly difficult for agencies to invest in upgrades, but grant programs and the recent ARP Investments in Public Safety & Violence Prevention can present unique opportunities for law enforcement. Agencies across the country have taken advantage of the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund. As of May 2022, roughly $450 […]

The iRecord System Difference: Recent Client Success Recap

Over the years, iRecord has proudly partnered with law enforcement, child advocacy centers, and other organizations needing a simple, one-touch solution to start and stop their critical audio video recordings. Reviewing the highlights from these recent projects can help you discover the power of iRecord for yourself—and the custom benefits we can create for your […]

Interview Recording Equipment to Support the Victim Testimony Process

Gathering a clear, concise, and honest victim testimony is critical for every case within our criminal justice system. The prosecution needs to have all of the facts, and it’s up to public safety professionals to ensure that victim testimonies are complete and readily available for the court to review. Access to audio video recordings allows […]

Discover True Ease-of-Use for CAC Interview Recording Equipment

Our justice system is built upon many values and services, but the role of child advocacy centers may be the most significant of all. The evidence they gather often becomes the crux of the most challenging criminal cases. That’s why agencies across the country need access to interview recording equipment that’s both user-friendly and high-quality. […]

iRecord Custom Solutions for Interview Room Recording Systems

While public safety protocols and many interview evidence process policies follow the same standards from state to state, there’s no denying the fact that no two agencies are exactly alike. Be sure to keep this in mind when adopting your new interview room recording systems. Your investment deserves a custom solution, and that requires working […]

iRecord Case Study: Sylvia’s Child Advocacy Center

All across the country, the critical services of child advocacy centers help keep the children in our communities safe. The team members are always passionate about their work. But there’s no denying that the days can be challenging. Fortunately, a user-friendly recording solution can help ease that stress whenever it comes time to gather their […]

iRecord Case Study: CAC of Suffolk County’s Forensic Interview Recording Solution

As the front-line responders for children in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area, the Children’s Advocacy Center of Suffolk County plays a crucial part in addressing some of the most difficult investigations within their community. Their forensic interview recordings are often the crux of a case, so naturally, they need to ensure that all of their […]

What Each Case Needs for the Best Evidence

There are set rules to follow for every court case. And yet not every case goes according to plan. Without the right types of evidence, law enforcement professionals might question whether justice truly prevailed. That’s why it’s so critical to gather the necessary, accurate information all throughout the investigation process. Put simply, there are two […]

What Agencies Get with an iRecord Anywhere Portable Recording System

Because your interview evidence isn’t always recorded at your agency’s site, it’s important for law enforcement teams to have the flexibility to work in the field, at any time—and any place. With the iRecord Anywhere System, we help detectives get the tools they need to act fast and move the case along by collecting reliable […]

Child Court Appearances and the Case for Interview Recordings

Our public safety professionals have vowed to defend the innocent, so when a minor is involved in an investigation, we all want to make sure they are kept safe. Gathering interview evidence from a child can greatly impact the outcome of a case. But as we work to uphold justice, it’s also important to think […]