Discover True Ease-of-Use for CAC Interview Recording Equipment

Our justice system is built upon many values and services, but the role of child advocacy centers may be the most significant of all. The evidence they gather often becomes the crux of the most challenging criminal cases. That’s why agencies across the country need access to interview recording equipment that’s both user-friendly and high-quality. iRecord can help!

Faulty Interview Recording Equipment—What’s Really Happening?

There’s no denying that protecting the most vulnerable people in our communities and gathering testimonials can be emotionally challenging. And when your interview recording equipment isn’t cooperating, the work becomes even more stressful. Your days can run longer because of needing to “troubleshoot” the equipment or “doctor” recordings that have bad audio quality. Those should be the last things on your mind.

To make matters worse, poor interview recording equipment could interfere with submitting court-admissible evidence altogether. A faulty microphone setup or fuzzy camera footage might end up missing key details for the case. Or, without automatic, redundant digital storage, your audio video files could be lost for good. The risks are simply too great.

Understanding the Technology Needs of Child Advocacy Centers

A modern solution for your interview recording equipment makes all the difference for your agency’s workflow. The first phase is to have hardware that’s performing correctly day-in and day-out. That means the cameras will be permanently installed at the proper angles. The microphones will also be strategically placed and powerful enough to capture every single word that’s said. That way, your team members won’t be wasting time adjusting or even setting up that equipment for each and every interview. The entire solution should be working in harmony and customized to your rooms.

Really, all it should take is a flip of a switch to start the recording. The process should be incredibly intuitive, and reliable.

That’s how we’ve designed our interview recording equipment at iRecord. You just flip the wall switch and you’re ready to go. This feature is always a favorite with our child advocacy center clients. With the right system, you won’t have the pressure of being “tech savvy.” The iRecord systems are designed specifically with public safety agencies in mind. That’s why they’re so easy to adopt and implement.

There aren’t multiple hoops to jump through just to start or stop your recording process. Even better, the iRecord software lets you add notes, organize other digital evidence within the case file, quickly create court-requested redactions, secure all of your files with an automatic chain of evidence, and more!

Gain Peace of Mind with User-Friendly Interview Recording Equipment!

Time and time again we’ve heard truly heart-wrenching accounts from our CAC clients about interviews that have either been lost or just deemed unusable by the court’s standards. With so much on the line, our communities simply can’t afford to have interview recording equipment that isn’t reliable and easy to use.

Child advocacy centers across the country trust iRecord to design and install a solution that truly works for their site and needs. Whether you’re remodeling your interview rooms or starting from scratch, we can walk you through every step of the process. We’ve already identified the best HD cameras and high-quality microphones. Then it’s just a matter of setting you up with the best options for utilizing our software.

We’re all about saving you time and lowering your stress. Contact our team today. We’d love to schedule a demo with your agency!

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