Maximizing Ease of Use for Interview Room Equipment

Finding technology that has the power to complete complicated tasks and meet your demands for quality isn’t always easy. Just think of shopping around for a new TV, smart phone, or computer. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to narrow down your selection. Above all, though, you need to go […]

Managing Facility Design for New Interview Rooms

The design phase of an interview room typically includes three stages. Coordinating these choices with your architectural team can be incredibly detailed, so it’s important to schedule regular plan reviews. This will help your interview room get completed on-time, within your budget, and to your unique needs. In this part of the process, no detail […]

The Repercussions of a Lost Interview

No agency wants to deal with a lost interview situation. Whether it happens because of a clumsy mistake or a freak accident, a lost interview can cause irreversible damage to cases. Ensuring that justice is served becomes a real challenge when you can’t account for all of the original evidence. An interview should never get […]

Site Evaluation Questions Every Law Enforcement Agency Should Ask

Law Enforcement Agencies that want to add a new interview room to their facility face many decisions. After evaluating options for the facility as a whole, these agencies must then work through the process of a formal site evaluation. Breaking this stage into smaller steps can help keep your timeline moving along smoothly. Your Facility […]

Design and Construction Services for Law Enforcement Interview Rooms

Establishing a straightforward strategy for your interview room design and construction process will help you achieve a modern and efficient space. From the furniture placement to the equipment you use, even detail counts. Don’t let the simple setup fool you. Interview rooms may look modest at first glance, but a truly modern setup requires a […]

Integrating Cloud Solutions for Law Enforcement

The cloud can be a strange concept for a lot of people, but if you take away the “mystery” behind it, you’ll realize that it’s not all that strange. You don’t really need a degree in IT Management to understand or use these systems. Of course, it’s normal to be confused in the beginning. But […]

Evaluating PD Facility Options for Interview Rooms

Police departments across the country face some big decisions when trying to decide where—or even how—to build their new interview room. Concerns about facility space and budgetary obligations often make these projects even more complicated. Starting out, most PDs are faced with three different options for their new space. They can either renovate their existing […]

Navigating a Space Needs Analysis for Your Agency’s Interview Room

Whether your organization is getting ready to build a brand-new facility or you’re making updates to an existing area, having a detailed space needs analysis is key. These plans help ensure that expectations for the work ahead are clear and complete. Working with an experienced architect for your new interview recording room will streamline construction—but […]

How to Develop a New Police Department Interview Room

Ready to modernize your police department’s interview room? Focus on teamwork to get moving in the right direction. Planning your new design and gaining community support takes time, so it’s important to not rush any part of the process. The right strategies will help make your new addition a success. Building the Pre-Design Team The […]

iRecord Spotted on Discovery’s Killing Fields

iRecord was once again spotted on the screen—the true-crime Discover series, Killing Fields. Our technology has also been highlighted in The Place Beyond the Pines with Ryan Gosling and season 15 of The First 48. Police recording equipment has evolved through the years from something that would require a few trained people who understood the […]