Serving Our Allies Mission to End Human Trafficking

Putting a stop to human trafficking requires a concerted effort. It takes a team to find the traffickers and bring them to justice, as well as a strict strategy. However, all too often the work goes unnoticed. We simply don’t want to believe that human trafficking is happening in the world, or even that it […]

3 Ways to Improve Your Law Enforcement Interview Recording

Interview evidence is a key component of most every case. In order to have court-admissible evidence, though, you need your process to be flawless and precise. Most agencies already understand the importance of having video watermarks for their redactions. But do you have the other features that every interview room needs? Budgetary concerns aside, no […]

Benefits of a Colposcope vs a Digital Camera

The best technology is easy-to-use and intuitive. But when it comes to documenting sensitive data, you can’t sacrifice quality for a more basic system. While digital cameras are familiar in our day-to-day lives, they just aren’t the best choice when it comes to medical imaging. The latest colposcope designs make for a device that’s fully […]

Securing the Chain of Custody for Interview Evidence

When you work in law enforcement, you’re probably well-informed on the chain of custody process. But understanding the chain of custody isn’t always obvious. When you want to learn more, it’s best to start at the beginning. Knowing what chain of custody actually means can help you see how agencies can control all of their […]

What Are the Requirements for Interview Recording Equipment?

When shopping for interview recording equipment, there are certain features that need to come standard. Your work can go so much smoother when you have the appropriate setup in place. This quick recap can help your agency build a modern interview room. Your Interview Evidence Recording Requirements Court-admissible interview evidence requires the recording to have […]

Get to the Truth: Signs That You’re Being Lied To

Some might say that telling white lies is just part of life. By some counts, we hear between 10 and 200 lies every day. We might fib when we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. Or we might bend the truth to get out of making certain plans. So what do we do about it? […]

iRecord Systems Now Partner with Lutech

We’re proponents of easy-to-use technology here at iRecord. This motivates us during our system developments, and it’s why we choose to partner with certain other technology equipment providers. When looking for a colposcopy option for clients, we knew we couldn’t go wrong with Lutech. Lutech for Sensitive Documentation Colposcopy allows healthcare practitioners to examine the […]

The Interview Recording Equipment Checklist

Assessing your options for new interview recording equipment can be overwhelming—especially when understanding technology isn’t your strong suit. But you can work with a trusted partner to find your agency’s best fit. Knowing the difference between the required features and useful bonuses will help you make the right decision. Your Starter Checklist for Recording Equipment […]

Grant Resources for Child Advocacy Centers and Law Enforcement Agencies

Securing the funds you need to upgrade your interview room can be a challenge for police departments and child advocacy groups. The competition is often stiff for these types of applications, and the grant opportunities aren’t always available when you need them. Being aware of different for grant search engines and resources can help you […]

Moving Your Agency with a Clear Occupancy Strategy

Many agencies decide to relocate in order to have a facility that is able to accommodate their growing needs. But for the transition to be beneficial to everyone involved, the move itself needs to follow a detailed plan. Addressing all of the concerns of your staff and project managers can only happen with a sound […]