How to Develop a New Police Department Interview Room

Ready to modernize your police department’s interview room? Focus on teamwork to get moving in the right direction. Planning your new design and gaining community support takes time, so it’s important to not rush any part of the process. The right strategies will help make your new addition a success.

Building the Pre-Design Team

The first step in developing a new interview room is to organize a team of industry experts, starting with the Police Project Manager. This role should be filled by an individual who has a proven track record of leadership. Their ability to guide consensus and keep members accountable will help ensure that the project is completed on-time and within budget.

Membership to this committee should be diverse in order to obtain the skillsets needed for a successful outcome. Typically, the best interview room pre-design teams look to include the following representatives:

  • Police Project Manager
  • Police Staff Representative
  • City Finance Planner
  • Public Works Representative
  • Community Members/Leaders
  • Other Government Representatives

Once assembled, the team must work together to secure an experienced contractor to design your interview room. There are many ways to identify the best interview room architect for your job, and each consultant must be carefully vetted. Seeking recommendations from other police departments can help narrow your search. Of course, some committees may prefer to start the selection process with a Request for Proposals or Request for Qualifications.

In general, the best course of action is to look for consultants who have good chemistry with your pre-design team. Your architects should also be able to provide relevant samples or case studies of previous interview room projects. Reviewing past work can help your committee feel confident in their decision as you move from the pre-design stage to the final designs, and ultimately, construction.

Streamlined Community Education

Throughout the entire process, you’ll also want to be sure you have ongoing public support. It’s important to clarify your goals for a new interview room or PD expansion upfront. Let your community know well in advance about any changes they should expect. For example, if brand-new police department construction will interfere with traffic, it’s better to make citizens aware of the changes sooner than later.

Even if the interview room is being built within existing structure, residents will want to know about the update. Relaying some of the benefits of a modern police department can help bridge the gap between officers and the neighborhoods they serve. How you choose to market these innovations will make all the difference:

  • Introduce your plans for a new interview room at public forums
  • Organize positive, educational marketing campaigns (both in print and online)
  • Communicate the value of having a secure and modern recording system
  • Relay the benefits of a multipurpose, or shared facility, for community safety

One of the easiest ways to bolster community support is to schedule an interview with the local paper. This gives your police department a chance to engage the public in more direct and meaningful way. If your interview room is being funded by a grant or other donor, publicly recognizing their contribution is a great way to show your appreciation and bring the community together.

The iRecord Interview Room

Last but not least, the pre-design phase should also address your organization’s new recording equipment. Most interview room architects include specific specs into their designs, but other circumstances may require your team to choose a setup on their own.

If your team has not already identified the appropriate audio video capture solution for your interview room, it helps to review your long-term goals. Introducing new technology can be challenging for any organization, and law enforcement is no exception. A system that is simple to use—and most importantly, secure—will go a long way in helping your department operate efficiently.

iRecord is proud to deliver custom, end-to-end audio video capture solutions for public safety professionals in communities large and small. For more information on our products, and how we might serve your department, please visit or call (800)-806-5339.

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