Maximizing Ease of Use for Interview Room Equipment

Finding technology that has the power to complete complicated tasks and meet your demands for quality isn’t always easy. Just think of shopping around for a new TV, smart phone, or computer. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to narrow down your selection. Above all, though, you need to go with a solution that’s both effective and user-friendly. This is especially true for your interview recording equipment.

An Intuitive Start-Stop Setup

Police departments work to uphold a strict level of professionalism for all of their interviews and interrogations. So, their interview recording equipment must likewise be held to the highest standards. Being able to initiate a smooth and reliable start and stop times for these recordings is a crucial part of delivering admissible evidence to the court.

One way to make this process simple for the interviewers is to install a basic wall switch that can turn on the recording equipment. Something as straightforward as this sort of “power on” option, which looks just like a light switch, is a great way to help law enforcement professionals focus on the task at hand. They can begin the recording as soon as they enter the room, and then easily stop the recording as they exit—all with a quick flip of a switch.

The simplicity of flipping a switch on the wall can be equally helpful for child advocacy centers. It’s easy for forensic interviewers to appreciate a quick, subtle motion as their interaction starts and ends. Making the recording process as simple as possible also helps ensure a calm environment. Rather than deal with a cumbersome recorder to initiate the recording, a wall switch can naturally blend in with the rest of the room.

These types of sensitive interviews deserve to have a stress-free setup. Considering every detail for a child-friendly ambiance is paramount, and it also benefits the interviewer. Giving the advocate a seamless method for starting and stopping a recording can help them focus on the child and the interview itself.

Defining Easy-to-Use Software

The other side of supporting ease of use with recording equipment comes from the software. Individuals who are conducting these important interviews often don’t have the time to learn a complicated system for redactions. That’s why being able to share recordings without much hassle also needs to be considered.

Working with an interview recording company that has taken the time to develop a system that serves the user helps eliminate stress with these steps. It’s important to consider different options to find the setup that works best for your team. Not all systems work alike, so going with an easy-to-use system will be extremely valuable.

Benefits of iRecord Equipment

As we’ve developed our interview recording technology at iRecord, we have always placed a great emphasis on our systems’ ease-of-use. We pride ourselves on the fact that our clients can quickly adopt our software with minimal training. No experience is needed. We’re able to deliver a truly intuitive product because we’ve carefully listened to input from various agencies over the years.

From our effective and simple wall switch concept that starts and stops recordings, to our robust yet user-friendly iRecord Universe software, we help make it easy for law enforcement agencies and child advocacy centers to do their job with confidence. We include video grab frame technology, note-taking capabilities, thumbnail video playback previews, and even more features to make capturing your redactions and sharing your video content easy.

To learn more about our systems, please send us a message. We work with agencies all throughout the US and Canada. Together, we’ll give your team the powerful, easy-to-use tools they need for all of their recording needs.

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