Integrating Cloud Solutions for Law Enforcement

The cloud can be a strange concept for a lot of people, but if you take away the “mystery” behind it, you’ll realize that it’s not all that strange. You don’t really need a degree in IT Management to understand or use these systems.

Of course, it’s normal to be confused in the beginning. But even just a little insight on what cloud storage is and how it’s changing can help. When you learn a more about how the cloud actually works, it’s easy to want to get your own tech on board. In fact, you might already be utilizing a cloud-based solution without realizing it!

A Brief Overview of the Cloud

Not too long ago, we relied solely on our computers and other hardware in the office (like floppy discs, then CDs, and eventually USB storage devices to save and store our data. We had to “physically” put our documents on these items to transfer them from one computer to another.

In the mid 2000’s, however, we started getting high speed internet connections. Rather than continue to email files or use external hard drives to move data, the tech companies began to think of new solutions for storing and transferring data. Since computers and newer mobile devices almost always had internet access, companies realized that it might make more sense to use a large network of computers to store data, instead of just relying on one source.

Put another way, the cloud makes it easier to share and store data online. But this doesn’t mean it’s a flying computer in the sky. Cloud solutions, just like our internet connections, still rely on very tangible things—just like those floppy discs we used in the past. Instead of saving files directly on your computer, you can choose to store them through the internet on a series of different computers (or “servers”) at another location.

The result? As long as you have the right device, you can access your information basically anywhere that you have an internet connection. That way, the cloud makes sharing, saving, and viewing your files a whole lot easier.

Utilizing Cloud Storage in PDs

As useful as cloud storage can be, more and more police departments are utilizing these solutions for their case work. Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) are rising in popularity for these very reasons. While there are a variety of cloud solutions for departments to choose from, we find the best options include:

  • Secure Storage – Store confidential and sensitive information in the cloud, where it can be more secure with data encryption. This way, you can ensure that no unauthorized users can access your files.
  • Protected Sharing – Online storage is ideal for collaboration purposes. Law Enforcement Agencies often benefit by adopting cloud systems that keep backups in secure locations that are physically removed from the originals.
  • Reliable Recovery – Make sure your solution has backups of your files for quick and easy restores with zero downtime. You can avoid catastrophic data loss with online cloud storage.

Although at iRecord our systems are specially designed to be compatible with Microsoft Azure, we are proud to integrate our solutions with cloud solutions that agencies are currently utilizing. This helps ensure that no matter what technology you’re using elsewhere in your organization, we can find a system to enhance your capabilities.

The Future of Cloud Storage

Today, most of us understand the cloud in terms of how our smart phones are synced with other devices, like laptops and tablets. Because your tech is able to communicate with each other through the internet, you can easily access your files anywhere—even if you started a project from your laptop, you can still access it on another device with the right login credentials. Or, you might launch a show on your phone, then decide to continue watching on your tablet without any problem. There are a lot of possibilities now since it all connects back to the concept of “cloud computing.”

The next big change for the cloud appears to come from additional security features, similar to what we utilize here at iRecord. Currently, the tech world has its eye on the US Department of Defense. They issued a request for proposal in early 2018 for a commercial cloud contract. Known as the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract (or JEDI for short), this contract is said to have $10 billion on the table. The final decision for the DOD’s big deal is slated to take place later in the year. It will definitely be interesting to see how everything plays out! 

Adapting to Cloud Solution Benefits

Getting set up with a cloud storage solution is often a logical choice for businesses, as well as public safety organizations. By keeping data secure and backing it up in off-site locations law enforcement agencies can rest easy knowing that their valuable data is safe.

To learn more about how cloud storage solutions can benefit your organization, trust in iRecord. Our technology is fully compatible with Microsoft Azure CJIS Government Cloud solutions, and can even be adapted to integrate with other cloud systems you might already be using. By bringing the latest technology into your interview recording process, you can help ensure that you get the admissible evidence you need—for any case.

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