Navigating a Space Needs Analysis for Your Agency’s Interview Room

Whether your organization is getting ready to build a brand-new facility or you’re making updates to an existing area, having a detailed space needs analysis is key. These plans help ensure that expectations for the work ahead are clear and complete. Working with an experienced architect for your new interview recording room will streamline construction—but only if the expectations are established at the start.

Basic Functions of a Space Needs Analysis

At its core, a space needs analysis is straight-forward review. These reports are designed to identify what your facility needs to operate efficiently. When it comes to a new or modern interview room, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Space Standards

How much square footage will your new interview room require? Recent changes or legal mandates for adult or juvenile inmate space needs may affect your current plans.

2. Building Codes

Adding a brand-new interview room may disrupt the current systems of your facility. Teams will need to evaluate their existing structure to ensure that no major operations will be interrupted. The building’s HVAC systems and fire protection systems will need to accommodate any updates.

3. Technological Systems

There are specific industry requirements for installing audio-visual recording equipment. Interview rooms must be built with these systems in mind for strategic camera placement.

In addition to managing these logistics, your space needs analysis should also consider the finer details. It’s not enough to measure your plan’s success on the current layout. You must also plan for the future, since your interview room will need to be able to serve your agency for decades to come. Of course, trying to predict these changes can be a challenge.

Digging Deeper for Interview Room Needs

An adequate space needs analysis will cover the square footage, building codes, and tech. But for a truly sound investment, you’ll need to think beyond the basics. Your interview room’s atmosphere and location within your facility are what will really make or break your design. Teams that ask themselves the following questions often have a better time building an appropriate space for all parties:

1. Will the room’s appearance raise issues of duress or coercion?

Video-taped interrogations give juries a unique perspective on cases. Your interview room environment should always be clean and professional.

2.  Where should the interview room be located within a police department?

The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation explains why location matters. According to some Reid experts, interview rooms should be placed away from booking areas, holding cells, or other reminders of what the suspect could face if they decide to tell the truth.

3. How will future growth affect your facility in 20 or 50 years?

Changes in staffing levels and your area’s demographic impact your agency every year. Can you attempt to predict the distant future for your service population based on recent trends?

Building a facility with multiple interview room settings may be in your best interest if you want to accommodate future growth. Talking with your interview design team can help determine the best course of action for all aspects of your planning process.

Plan for Improvements with iRecord Equipment

Designing your interview room with specific equipment already in mind is a great way to simplify the planning stages. If you already know you want to incorporate new audio-video recording equipment into your space, it’s best to create your designs with those details listed. Architects can easily include iRecord equipment into their plans to help simplify the next steps in the construction process.

If your organization would like to incorporate iRecord equipment into your facility updates, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team would be happy to talk with you about our installation and planning process. We understand that your space needs analysis must be as accurate as possible, and have great resources to share from past clients. Helping your agency be efficient is always our priority. Let’s talk about how iRecord systems can streamline your operations—both now and down the road.

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