Site Evaluation Questions Every Law Enforcement Agency Should Ask

Law Enforcement Agencies that want to add a new interview room to their facility face many decisions. After evaluating options for the facility as a whole, these agencies must then work through the process of a formal site evaluation. Breaking this stage into smaller steps can help keep your timeline moving along smoothly.

Your Facility Options Recap

If you missed our blog article on Evaluating Facility Options for Interview Rooms, allow us to give you a brief recap. Agencies typically have three choices when it comes to a new interview room. They may either renovate their existing space, work to acquire another existing building, or build a new facility.

Each facility option comes with its own pros and cons. What really matters is to consider each path before making your final decision. Most agencies start out thinking that they would like to make renovations. But building codes and size constraints might prove too difficult for this to be a viable option. Acquiring another location or breaking ground on new construction might have higher upfront costs, but for many agencies, these avenues prove to be worthwhile.

Whichever direction you chose, be sure to weigh all the possibilities before making a final decision on your facility. After you decide to utilize an existing space or work with a new site, then you can move forward and conduct a site evaluation. Analyzing the size, location, and flexibility of the property all play key roles in this next stage.

Top Site Evaluation Considerations

This part of your facility’s expansion will be similar for both existing buildings and new construction because, either way, you’re working to create an upgrade. Developing an interview room requires careful planning for both types of scenarios. You’ll need to be certain that whatever site you have chosen will meet expectations for your logistics, the public’s overall perception, and any future plans.

Site Logistics

It often helps to start with the obvious logistics of your site. Running the numbers on these qualifying factors can help you know that you’re moving forward with the right facility option:

  • Cost of the Land—If you’re building or acquiring land, are the costs within the budget?
  • Cost of Site Development—Are the construction/remodeling costs within the budget?
  • Size and Shape of Site—Will the facility be constrained in any way by the site’s area?
  • Potential for Multiple Uses—Does the site have enough space for all of your needs? 

Public Perception

In addition to the land itself, you’ll also need to consider the public’s perception of your new facility. Asking the following questions can help ensure you are honoring everyone’s interests:

  • Public Access to Site—Is the location conveniently located for your visitors?
  • Visibility and Views—Will your site add aesthetic value to the surrounding area?
  • Response to Citizen Needs—If moving to a new location, will your site be within a reasonable travel radius?
  • Security Concerns—Does the site have any vulnerabilities, or will it be secure?

Future Plans

You will also need to weigh the risks for future roadblocks with your site evaluation. Thinking ahead can help eliminate issues that might otherwise be avoided at a different location:

  • Expansion Possibilities—Is the site large enough for possible remodels down the road?
  • Responsible Site Preparation—Is there any potential for locating artifacts during the excavation and zoning process?
  • Topography Concerns—Does the site have any geotechnical or soil risks for construction?
  • Water Control—Will the site have any issues for storm water, floodplains, or wetlands?

iRecord Simplifies Site Evaluations

Another part of your site evaluation is to consider the interview room recording equipment that will be required for your setup. Fortunately, you can simplify that process with iRecord.

Our audio-video recording equipment is streamlined so you don’t have to account for any bulky hardware or excessive physical storage. The iRecord system also has a simple way to start your recordings—all it takes is a flip of a switch, and you’re ready to go. We can even help you coordinate the camera placement in the room and designate an area for a simple workstation that lets you review and share your evidence.

When considering your site evaluation process, we hope you consider pairing with our iRecord for your equipment needs. If you have questions along the way, our team of industry experts is always happy to help you out. Just send us a message to learn more. By having a truly smart setup, we’re working to make your job easier.

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