Benefits of a Colposcope vs a Digital Camera

The best technology is easy-to-use and intuitive. But when it comes to documenting sensitive data, you can’t sacrifice quality for a more basic system. While digital cameras are familiar in our day-to-day lives, they just aren’t the best choice when it comes to medical imaging. The latest colposcope designs make for a device that’s fully streamlined—from its user features, to securing and sharing files.

The Simple Colposcopy Process

Considering comfort with the colposcopy process matters for all parties. That’s why users need an imaging process that’s simple and straightforward. When compared to standard digital cameras, a colposcopy device is much easier to hold and maneuver. A handle grip and viewing screen make taking, checking, and saving images go more quickly for everyone.

  • Less Invasive Recording

  • Manual and Auto Focus

  • Handheld Remote

Colposcopes take the best features of digital cameras and then improve them for the medical realm. You can still use auto focus with a colposcope and zoom in or out. The difference is that the medical device has better options for keeping it steady for clearer pictures. You have the option to work handheld or with a stand. A small remote then lets you capture the images you need. Some colposcope models even come with a foot pedal option for even more precision.

Colposcope Images for Evidence

Adopting a colposcope is a high priority for OBGYN offices, hospitals, and universities, but these devices are even more crucial for SANE facilities. For sensitive evidence, working with a colposcope is the obvious choice. You can even connect the device to your electronic medical recording systems. This allows user to record their images or video and then share it right away for court-admissible evidence.

The key is to make the process as smooth as possible. Whether you’re working with a patient or a victim, keeping the documentation time to a minimum is always a focus. If SANE facilities and SART personnel are able to accelerate the secure case filling, then that’s even better. When you can connect your colposcopy data directly to your electronic medical recording system, the next team is able to swiftly move forward with the evidence and ensure justice is upheld. 

Working with Lutech Colposcopes

At iRecord, we’re proud to partner with Lutech for their colposcope technology. Our healthcare and forensic lab clients appreciate the designs of the Lutech LT-300 series colposcopes and have readily implemented them for the individuals they serve.

Because we can link our iRecord systems with Lutech, the entire process is improved. Documenting your images and sharing them with the appropriate parties—whether they’re healthcare professionals or working on a sensitive case—shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why we design our iRecord solutions with the user in mind. We’re here to offer your complete recording solution with colposcopy technology. To learn more about your system options, please call us at 1-800-806-5339. 

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